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Safer Internet Day 2024

What is clickbait? Kennedy, Skye, Georgia, Alfie, Thomas, Owen and Hubert 

  • Clickbait is advertising that tries to draw you in.
  • Clickbait is often used in stories, films and books.
  • For example, if a video says you will get £10000 for watching until the end of the video, but in reality you don't get any reward, people do it to get money or views. 


How can you avoid clickbait? 

Always think before you click. Does it sound too good to be true? Then it probably is! It is also helpful to avoid clicking on headlines that are designed to shock you. 

Make sure to check on a trusted website to make sure it is true and real! 

You need to be 100% sure before clicking or looking. 


Three signs of clickbait.

1. Headlines that contain language which evokes fear, outrage, anger and other emotions might be a sign of clickbait. This is because headlines will often use emotive language to draw you in.

2. Make sure you vary the type of things you read, to ensure that algorithms don't end up feeding you clickbait headlines based on what you have liked, shared or read before.

3. Another sign that something you're seeing could be fake is the use of vague headlines. 

How to spot fake information- Austin, Lucas, Matilda, Nia, Faith, Lydia, Sienna and Elise 

  • If you see something that you know is fake, tell an adult in school to make them aware. 
  • Make sure you look for clues that don't look right. 
  • Look at the username to see if it is not a usual name.


  • Double check information on other websites to check it is real. 
  • Don't just believe something because you have read it. 
  • If you find news, don't just read the headline, read the whole information to spot misinformation.

  • Think about the source - if someone you don't know is trying to tell you information, there's a chance it could be fake. 

What to do if you see something you don't like- Caitlin, Thea, Keira and Amber

The internet is fun but sometimes it does not have what you want. We might see something that makes us feel scared, sad or uncomfortable. 

  • When something goes wrong on the internet you should get an adult. Don't panic, a grown up can help you!
  • If you are at school and a thing pops up, close the laptop carefully and show an adult.