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Welcome to Mars Class!

Mars class is a mixed class of reception and year 1 children.

Our teacher is Miss Kelly, and Mrs Williams is our teaching assistant. 

We are lucky to have our own outdoor learning area and enjoy playing outside come rain or shine! The ethos of our class is to develop happy, confident and independent learners who are willing to try their best and find success in their everyday learning. Every child is unique and we aim to tailor lessons to the individual needs of the children.


On this page you can find updates about our learning and any special adventures we have been on. We hope you enjoy reading about our learning journey!

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MARS CLASS 2021.2022




In Mars class Miss Kelly is the class teacher supported by Mrs Williams.


For this term, Mars class has been set up following government guidelines.  Expectations and procedures will be shared with the children on the first day of school, though the children will be reminded every day. 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Williams are so excited to welcome the children to Mars class in September.




Week Commencing 19/7/21:

We have been fried eggs this last week!

The children have had great fun celebrating the end of the year. We have been playing maths and phonics games. Been making some art outside. Having lots of water fights and watching a documentary all about plastic pollution.

On reward day the children took part in outdoor games and loved every part of it.

Well done to Mars Class who have worked super hard this year despite being a strange year. Mrs Williams and I are so proud of the amazing learning the children have achieved!

Week Commencing 12/7/21:

What a lovely last 5 day week!

First of all, well done to all the children of Mars for winning the reading race! I am so proud of them taking their reading seriously and improving their reading skills. Also a thank you to parents for taking the time to read with the children.

In English this week we have been looking at features of a newspaper and began to create our own 'Happy Newspaper'. In Maths we have been looking at measurement. The children have been using feet, hands, cubes and rulers to measure a variety of objects. I introduced talking challenge buttons for the rainbow challenges and the children have loved completing their rainbow challenges this week. In P.E with Mrs Marriott the children looked at a variety of movements and with Miss Kelly created their own dinosaur dance moves.

Year 1 also had their transition with Miss Smith and Mrs Tickle. They are all so excited to be in Year 2 and show off how amazing they all are!

Well done Mars!

Week commencing 5/07/21:

This week in Maths the children have been looking at money. Reception identified all coins and played shop buying toys with real money. Year 1 have been looking at coins and notes and the different combinations that can be made to make the same value.

In computing we looked at code and the different instructions you can put into a beebot. The children loved experimenting with the directions and at the end of the lesson all the beebots were able to dance together.

In English we have been doing looking at punctuation and exciting sentences. I am super proud of Reception whose writing is improving everyday!

And lastly today was sports day and the children had so much fun! It is so lovely to see the children cheering on their team mates and demonstrating good sportsmanship.

Well done Mars Class!

Week Commencing 21/6/21:

Well done winners of the VIP lunch! (How is it someone's third time?) This week has been assessment week and a massive well done to the children for completing reading, SPAG, maths and phonics papers with a smile on their faces. We will be celebrating their amazing achievements and identify areas we need to concentrate on.

We have also been busy learning about refugees as part of us being a rights respecting school. The children enjoyed reading the book 'all are welcome here' and discussing how all children deserve a safe home. We also have been learning a variety of nursery rhymes and practising clapping to the beat.

Well done Mars Class!

Week Commencing 14/06/21:

This week Mars Class had a very important mission to make a flower pot for Fathers Day. Using their science knowledge of materials and plants that we have covered this year, the children experimented with different materials. They then decided which material would be the best and used this in their design. We hope all of Mars Class Daddy's loved their flowerpot! 

The children also had the chance to take part in Young Voices and they loved singing 'lovely day'. The children did some amazing signing along with singing. Well done Mars Class! 

Week Commencing 07/06/21:

Happy first week back Mars Class! The children were so happy to be back and sharing all the mischief they have been up to over the holidays.

In English this week we have been looking at letters through the book 'Dear Greenpeace'. The children have really enjoyed identifying formal and informal letters. Mars wrote a letter to the new reception in September to make them feel excited joining our school. We also researched about World Oceans Day to find out more about Greenpeace and what they do.

In Maths this week we have been looking at halves. The children had loads of fun snipping objects in half. Reception made pizzas to cut in half. Reception also explore capacity through the challenges set up in the classroom.

We have also spent some time perfecting our signing for young voices next Tuesday. Remember the video is on our website if you would like to practise over the weekend. And having lots of fun practising our athletics skills with Mrs Marriott.

For Young Voices this year we will be taking part in The Biggest Sing 2021! We will be joining thousands of children around the UK and singing along side Billy Ocean!

All through the wonder of current technology!

We will be attempting to break a world record and enter the Guinness World Record Book for the Largest Simultaneous Sing.

The children at school have started to learn the lyrics and the sign language for the chosen song “A lovely day”

Here is the link to the video,  please help us achieve the world record by watching the video and helping your child learn the words.

Week Commencing 24/5/21:

Well done to the winners of the reading race this week, Nia, Thea (second time this half term woo!) and Faith. They had a VIP ice cream sundae as a treat this week.

This week the children have been revising their phonics sounds and I am super proud of how amazing they all are at remembering the sounds and actions! All of the children's phonics packs have been updated along with their reading books to practise and enjoy over the half term holiday.

In English we have been learning a poem by heart, please check out our video on the website if you haven't already. Year 1 have been focusing on reading comprehension and answering questions in full sentences, remember your child can practise their comprehension skills by using the questions on the bookmark I provided earlier in the school year.

Reception have been practising writing sentences and encouraging independent writing.

We continued with our Andy Goldsworthy art and created some natural sculptures on the playground. They are still there so you may be able to spot them on your walk!

I also want to say well done to Mars Class for being so brave, some children who have siblings isolating were a bit anxious coming to school but after having a chat about those worries in our belly and how we can share our worries in circle time the children were very brave the following day coming into school.

Have a lovely break and enjoy the sunshine!

The past week Mars Class have been looking at a variety of poems.

Mars have been practising reciting a poem by heart, beforehand we discussed what the difference was between a good performance and a bad performance. In their groups they independently used techniques suggested to them to help them remember their verse. 

Well done Mars Class, we hope you enjoy their performance.



The Bed Book by Sylvia Plath

Still image for this video

Week Commencing 17/5/21:

Well done to this weeks reading race winners, Kennedy, Skye, Sienna, Amber and Caitlin.

We also enjoyed our seaside themed lunch outside (under the shelter in true British fashion) for a little picnic.

This week the children have been looking at poetry in English, we looked at a poem anthology and discussed which ones were our favourite. We also looked at rhyming words and how we can identify them and began to learn the poem 'The Bed Book' by Sylvia Plath by heart to perform next week.

In maths Year 1 have been focusing on creating equal groups and introduced to division. The children identified straight away that odd numbers you cannot divide by 2. Reception have been exploring sharing and had a lovely tea party with some farm animals where they had to share all the food out equally.

Reception have been continuing to learn sounds from Phase 3 and Year 1 finished revising Phase 5 this week.

We also went on our first class trip! Although the weather was very windy the children loved going on a special adventure and have made some beautiful artwork.

Well done Mars Class, only 1 more week till half term!


Week Commencing 10/5/21:

Another busy week in Mars Class.

Well done to our VIP lunch winners Oli and Lydia, I think we will have another VIP lunch next week with some new winners by the looks of it!


In English Year 1 and Reception have been coming up with their own Traction Man stories. It was lovely hearing the children's ideas of who the baddies will be in their story. We have had Evil Snap Snap Scissors, Proffessor Stapler, Evil carrot, Mr Nelson and even evil Clark.


Reception had loads of fun learning their new phonics sounds especially 'ng ng chings ring' where they made their own playdough ring with a 'ng' diamond.


In math's Year 1 have been learning about multiplication and looking at arrays. And although arrays is a difficult concept the children were very resilient and are now masters of arrays. Reception have been recognising numbers to 10 and practising the written words for their numbers.


Lastly I want to say well done to Mars Class for their home learning for one day due to an electrical fault. It was very clear that they enjoyed having a day at home but still keen to do their learning. Though I am sure we are all grateful that is was just for one day!

School Closure 13/5/21: 


Due to having a major electrical problem children will be completing home learning from our home learning grids for the 13th May. 


For English, Reception have a phase 3 early reading comprehension presentation and worksheet to complete. Children should be fairly familiar with the sheets as we completed one yesterday. Year 1 please look through the presentation on capital letters and full stops and spend an hour to complete the booklet. 


Maths is all on the home learning grid, if struggling Mathletics is on open access.


For P.E I have linked our current cosmic yoga quest that the children are completing at school. 

 Lulu the Baby Lioness | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube 


All phonics is on our website, Receptions sound is ee - what can I see, Year 1's Aw - saw you yawn please follow the lesson video.


Suggested topic, normally on a Thursday afternoon we would complete computing.


Many thanks, 

Miss Kelly




Week Commencing 2/5/21:

This week we have been busy learning about Traction Man. Year 1 have been planning their story of Traction Man is at our school and Reception have been writing a narrative between Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush.

Reception have really impressed Mrs Williams and I with their commitment to their learning by independently writing in their busy learning time!

In maths Reception have continued to look deeper into number representations to 20 and Year 1 have been looking at multiplication.

We also celebrated Number Day with an array of different activities for the children to take part in.

This Friday was our first VIP lunch where the children had a great time and by the looks of it there will be a VIP lunch next Friday as well.

Well done Mars Class!

Week Commencing 26/4/21:

Happy Fri-yay Mars Class!

We have had lots of fun this week. In English we have continued with our learning around 'Traction Man is here' today Traction Man had a secret mission for us to write some amazing sentences using openers, adjectives, conjunctions and a exclamation mark.

In maths Year 1 have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s which we made our own hopscotch to remember the order. Reception have been recognising and practising their number formation and sequencing.

We also have been busy learning lots about beanstalks and how they grow to continue to build our plants knowledge. And researched nurses from the past (Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale) to present with a zoom with a real life nurse!

I think Mars Class definitely deserve a 3 day weekend, see you Tuesday!


Week Commencing 19/4/21:

This week we have been super busy!

In English this week we have been looking at the book ‘Traction man is here’ the children explored the book by role-playing as Traction man and scrubbing brush, writing their opinion on the book and describing traction man with interesting adjectives.

In maths the children have been looking at addition and subtraction using a variety of resources. Some of reception were enjoying maths so much this week they have independently been drawing number lines using chalk.

We have also been doing lots of phonics so please encourage your children to be sharing what sounds they have been learning each day.

Lastly in Forest School the children have been helping Mrs Tickle to create sensory objects for her tree, the children had great fun threading bottle tops on to wire to then hang on the tree!


Week Commencing 12/4/21:

Mrs Williams and I have been so happy to have the children back this week.

We have been getting excited about our science and topic for the summer term. Our topic this term is 'heroes' we have been looking at what it means to be a hero and especially during lockdown who was a hero. We painted rainbows inspired by lockdown to say thank you to all the local heroes.

Please take a look at our art exhibition on the office windows when you walk to school on Monday.

In science we have been looking at plants, the children have come up with their own experiments and will be in charge to record the results as a group. I can't wait to see what conclusions they come up with. We also have an investigation area where children have been exploring water beads how they expand with water and decrease in size with salt.

Have a lovely weekend!


Week Commencing 22/3/21:

What a busy week!

We started the week looking at the Easter story, we tried hot cross buns and zoomed Reverend Nikki. We have also been revising phase 3 and 5 phonics each day so please continue to use their phonics pack to keep the sounds fresh in their heads.

We also created a beautiful card for Diane’s birthday, the children were so proud of it.

And reward day where we had utter madness, making Easter cards and baskets, seeing planes zoom over the school, having an Easter cinema and to top it off a skip arrived in our garden (the children were very excited at this!)

Have a lovely restful Easter break!

Week Commencing 8/3/21:

Happy Fri-yay Mars Class!

Wow what a busy week, we have been talking about our feelings and reflecting on them during lockdown and coming back to school using the colour monster. We have also been busy learning, making our own play dough, self-portraits, cooking in the mud kitchen and being doctors.

In science we investigated the seasons and gaining an understanding of how rain works. So please ask your little scientists how does rain happen.

Lastly I also set the children up with a challenge, each child received a desk pet and was asked to give them a name, homes and to look after them otherwise they get taken away. This has brought some amazing discussions during circle time and shown how creative our children are.

Well done Mars Class and have a lovely mother's day!


Teach your Monster to read: 


Looks like some of your children have been busy teaching their monsters to read, that they have earned some certificates!


Well done to all the children who have been teaching their monsters to read!


Spring 1- Home Learning

We've had a very busy term of home learning over the last few weeks. We are incredibly proud of the children and all their hard work. Mrs Williams and I have been so impressed by the work and hope to be able to come back to school soon.


We've been learning all about numbers to 50, doubling and halving and counting in 5s and 2s. We have also been  writing our own traditional tales, finding out how to keep ourselves healthy, comparing South America and where we live, building animals out of natural resources, painting, listening to stories, writing newspaper articles, going on long walks, playing in the snow, birthdays and appreciating the people we love. 









Week Commencing: 14/12/20

Well done for making it to Christmas and well done to Reception on your first term at school.

This week we have been presenting our projects, making Christmas decorations, creating a kindness jar and reflecting on how lucky we are to receive gifts and eat wonderful food.

Today we had so much fun making a cinema and watching the Grinch.

Have a lovely Christmas!


Week Commencing 7/12/20:

Mars Class, the weeks are flying by now!

We have been busy writing our non-fiction pages for our class Dinosaur book, who knew there so many dinosaur experts in Mars Class. And we wrote apology letters to Santa as someone touched Buddy the elf! But don't worry he is back and been very naughty.

We researched about The Big Bad Wolf and his habitat/diet, we even made a habitat outside for a wolf.

In Math's we continued to become number masters to 20, focusing on place value.

Week Commencing: 30/11/20


This week the children have been very busy as always.

A dinosaur egg appeared in our classroom which after caring for it and being very quiet has hatched! To celebrate we are writing non-fiction dinosaur reports so we know everything there is about dinosaurs.

In maths we have been representing numbers to 20 using a variety of methods.

And we have been filming the Nativity so keep your eyes peeled for the release!

Well done Mars!

Week Commencing: 23/11/20


Well done this week for working so hard, I am so impressed with you all!

We have been writing missing posters to find Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma and writing a letter to Santa, we hope he is doing well during lockdown in the North Pole.

Remember Tuesday to wear P.E kit for football in the afternoon!

And if you haven't already given permission for you child to be part of the nativity please email the office as we will be recording next week.

Thank you!

Week Commencing: 23/11/20


Oh dear here comes trouble!

On Monday Santa delivered an elf to keep an eye on the children's behaviour (and some Santa cameras) we have spoken about how the elf needs to self isolate before coming into the classroom officially.

This has really helped the children understand how it is important to still keep ourselves and others outside our bubble safe.

Buddy the elf is having a really fun time s-elf isolating!

(Mrs William was very proud with that joke.)


Week Commencing: 16/11/20

Another busy week this week.

We have been writing character descriptions on wanted posters to find the Big Bad Wolf. We have loved role playing in Grandma's cottage!

In math's we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. Exploring shapes in everyday objects and we went on a shape hunt.

Homework this week is a continuation of the homework project, remember it can be as creative as your child wants, a video or a poster. Reception can draw and write a simple word or sentence. If you need any help don't hesitate to grab Mrs Williams and I for ideas.


Week Commencing 9/11/20:

Happy Fri-yay Mars Class! This week we have been so busy.

We have been interviewing the Big Bad Wolf, learning about alien words and designed, made and tested our "waterproof" hats in science.

Great learning Mars Class!


Week Commencing 2/11/20:

 What a lovely start to the term! We have been exploring traditional tales and focusing on addition in maths.

The children loved outdoor classroom day and did some excellent learning.

Week Commencing: 19th October 


This week we have been doing poetry. We looked at a different range of poems exploring their themes and features. We selected the ones we liked the most to create our own anthology. We also did a poetry performance of the poem 'The Treasures' by Clare Bevan.


In maths Year 1 looked at part whole models and partitioned numbers and started to form them into number sentences. 


Well done Mars Class!

Have a restful half term and I can't wait to see you all back on Tuesday 3rd November.





Week Commencing: 12th October


This week Mars class have been learning all about Harvest Festival and we even got the chance to look and feel a traditional harvest bread. We also wrote a story all about Naughty Bus and what trouble he has been getting into.

This week we designed how our spooky ghosts would look like and they are making my classroom look super spooky!

Well done Mars Class!

Week Commencing: 5th October 

This week Mars Class have been learning all about Naughty Bus in English. Naughty Bus has been very naughty in the classroom! He has been making marks all over my floor and was even found in Stanley the snail's home!

Now we have made him a new home hopefully he won't be up to much trouble next week!

We have also been learning to recite The Hedgehog by J.J. Bell to celebrate National Poetry Day.

Well done Mars Class.


European Day of Languages.

Today Mars Class celebrated European Day of Languages by going to Spain.

We spent the morning exploring where Spain was on an atlas, making a Spanish flag, creating a passport and packing our bags ready to get on the plane.

We also spoke some Spanish today saying hello in Spanish 'hola' and counting to 10.

Muy bueno Mars Class! 🙂


Week Commencing: 21st September 


This week was receptions first week at school! We did lots of busy learning and explored all the areas of the classroom. 

We explored new materials through our artwork, did some gardening and spent time practised writing our names.


Well done reception! 

Week Commencing: September 14th


Happy Fri-yay Mars Class! This week has been a lovely start to the school year and thank you to the parents and children for being so welcoming.

Year 1 have been learning this week all about feelings, making our own feelings monsters and practising breathing techniques for when we have too many feelings in our tummy's.

It has been so exciting to meet the new reception children this week and they have really enjoyed being busy with us! If you have filled in your pink book we would love to see them so please bring on Monday!

See you Monday!


Week Commencing: September 7th 

Well done to the Year 1's in Mars Class today! We had so much fun this week with our busy learning and created some beautiful artwork to fill the classroom with.

We have sent the children home with a book in the meantime to read whilst they are being assessed on reading and phonics this week.😊

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