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At Great Staughton we use Storytime phonics. The Storytime phonics actions and rhymes are a fantastic way for children to remember the sounds as well as promote a love of learning through stories! Everyday the phonics fairy visits us and leaves us a new sound in the phonics bag (sometimes there is fairy dust so we know she has been). Each sound is connected to a book which features the sound which is read the children.


Please use the links below to find out more about phonics at Great Staughton. 

Some useful websites


Mr Thorne Does Phonics

The children enjoy watching Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe have fun with phonics!


Mr Mc on Youtube

Check out Mr Mc teaching phonics on Youtube. Another fun resource for children to access.


Letters and Sounds Resources

A useful website for finding printable phonics flashcards.


Picnic on Pluto Game

The children enjoy playing this game in class and other games on the phonics play website. It is good for practising segmenting and blending the sounds they have learnt. You can currently access Phonics Play for free during the lock down with the username: march20 and password: home


Espresso is a great place to explore and for the children to access independently. Check out their phonics area for videos, games and more! Use your school Espresso username and password to log in.



Another useful website to access phonics games and resources to pratise reading, letter formation and phonics.