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Virtual Sports Day 2020

Get your trainers at the ready and take part in our Virtual Sports Day 2020! Details of each of the five activities are below on slides and you can also find them on Facebook and via your email. We are inviting the children to take part in an egg and spoon race, the tea towel hurdles, a standing long jump, shot put and an obstacle course.


When you have completed all the activities, with photo evidence, you can submit your evidence via Facebook or email to the school office! Make sure your entries are in by 4pm on Friday so that we can add up all the points and announce a winning house! Point will be awarded for participation!

Virtual Sports Day Guidance

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Gymnastics Club - Spring Term 
13/02/20 update

Students using the new trampette that arrived this week. Some pupils even managed to land a front somersault. The students have really enjoyed the new equipment that arrived this half term.

11.02.20 - Unfortunately, we had our last dance session with Mrs Litchfield this week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions on a Tuesday and this week we managed to finish our class dance on machines. The children worked independently, in pairs and in small groups to create a representation of a machine and they have learnt so much in such a short space of time. We were sad to say goodbye to Mrs Litchfield from HSSP but Iโ€™m sure sheโ€™ll be back again sometime soon!

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Machine Dance

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Spring Term 2020

Jupiter and Mars class are thoroughly enjoying their dance sessions with Hunts coach Mrs Litchfield. The children have been busy creating their own  dance sequences using the three forces: push, pull and twist. Over the furst few weeks, the children worked in pairs to decide how to perform each move before working with Mrs Litchfield to practise and perform a whole class machine dance. These sessions with Mrs Litchfield will take part every Tuesday until February half term.


Saturn class have been working with Mrs Griffiths to improve stamina and endurance through various methods of training. They have taken part in a a couple of gymnastics sessions since coming back after Christmas  and these will continue until Easter. In these sessions, pupils will be  trying to improve forward and backward rolls and different variations of them.


January 2020
The Sports Crew were set a task to write about their experience of being a member of the Sports Crew so far this year. Below are a few comments of what they have recorded so far...



So far in Sports Crew it has been such an experience, I have loved every second of it with challenges and rewards. Helping younger children and watching their skills grow makes me think how much I am helping and providing a fun energetic atmosphere for their future. Although it has been tricky at times, Mrs Leighton's sessions have helped by showing me that not much equipment or none at all is needed to create a 30 minute session that younger and older children enjoy. These sessions also helped with my explanation, games and all round enthusiasm with sports. All children love doing my sports and are always willing to join  in. They may not always listen but being a member of Sports Crew is a responsible role but enjoyable one too. 

                                                                                                  Tilly, Year 6



Being a member of Sports Crew is fun when you and your partner explain, demonstrate  and then everyone can join in. Sometimes it's hard to choose what we want to do  and sometimes it's tricky to agree but we work together to try both ideas out. My sessions with Mrs Leighton really helped to know that you don't need much equipment to make a session fun. During Sports  Crew time we sometimes do activities for just Key Stage two and Key Stage one. Being a part of the Sports Crew is a real honour! 


                                                                                              Megan, Year 6 


I love being a part of the Sports Crew and it is a lot of fun. At times it might be challenging because of managing lots of different children, I still manage to get through it. I always go through a little step by step system first and them give them a warning. I always tell them again and hopefully they have listened and understood the rules. I just love Sports Crew because I get to take on the role of the teacher and teach young children sport in a fun way. I am so grateful to Mrs Leighton as she has inspired me try new games and know that you don't need equipment for all games. So thank you Sports Crew, I can not wait for another adventure. 


                                                                                                                                  Hannah, Year 6


An exciting opportunity for the Christmas holidays - Bedford Blues are offering a one day Rugby camp on Monday 23rd December for just £30! Sharing incase anyone is interested smiley

Friday 1st November 2019
The Sports Crew had a great time this morning with Mrs Leighton from Hunts SSP. They worked on their sport leadership skills and created new games to use outside on the playground with the children at break times and lunch times. They each worked in their daily pairs/small group to demonstrate their ideas and received constructive feedback from their peers to suggest their areas of strength and the ways in which they could improve. It was great to see the children really thinking about how they could promote physical activity outside and I look forward to seeing many more children at GSPA getting involved! 


Well done Team! 

W.C. 28.10.19
Both Year 3 and Year 5 had a fantastic time playing team games at the DLPT sports event this week. All of the children demonstrated excellent teamwork and determination in their games of football, dodgeball and netball. The members of staff that went with both groups commented on the children's fantastic behaviour and it was fantastic to hear such positive feedback. Well done Team! smiley


We had two special visitors in celebration assembly this morning… Mr Finlayson and Mrs Bullimore. Mr Finlayson of the Hunts Schools came in two present two special awards. First, he presented the trophy to the children who competed in the panathlon event at the beginning of October. He commented on the fantastic effort from both the children at Great Staughton and KPA and was thrilled to present them with both the 1st and 2nd place certificates and trophy. Well done team!

Also, we were lucky enough to welcome back Mrs Bullimore this morning who, along with Mr Finlayson, presented the children with the GOLD level School Games Mark award for 2018-2019. The School games Mark is a government led awards scheme which rewards schools for their commitment to the development of sports in school and the community. Our wonderful sports crew accepted the award on behalf of the school. HUGE thanks to staff, parents and the wider community who support us, Mrs Bullimore for all her hard work last year and of course our amazing children. Well done team Great Staughton.


The rota for the Sports Crew started this week and they have been trying their best to get everyone active and involved in sport in some way during lunchtime and breaktimes. They will be working hard to help us all have active, fun lunchtimes by organising different activities to keep our minds and bodies busy. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to chat to any of the Sports Crew and they will be happy to help.

Panathlon Sports Competition- 3rd October 2019

KPA and GS entered a joint team into the Panathlon Hunts SSP sporting event on Thursday 3rd October. The children took part in a range of sports activities such as table cricket, boccia and curling. The children worked in two teams completing 7 minutes at each activity to gain as many points as they could. The atmosphere was very calm and the children were so focused. They showed fantastic teamwork, resilience and determination.....and they came first and second place!!

Here's some of the things the children said about the event:

'I've never got a medal before. I'm so proud I'm not even going to take it off for bed.'

'This is the best day of my life.'

'I want to come back next year. It's so much fun!'

'I don't know why I'm happy but I just love being here.'

'Lucky I got silver because I really like silver.'

A huge thank you to Hunts SSP for another well-organised and inspiring event!

Meet the Sports Crew 2019-2020

Our new Sports Crew for this academic year got together briefly on Monday to share some ideas of what they would like to achieve this year. The main aim of the Sports Crew is to get everyone active and involved in sport in some way. They will be working hard to help us all have active, fun lunchtimes by organising different activities. If you have any suggestions please feel free to chat to Emily, Imogen, Hannah, Katy, Ruby, Tilly, Braydon, Daniel, Rosie Megan or Thomas.  Brownie points for whoever can spot their first job from the picture! smiley


Oh, and of course Clark wanted to get involved too!

W.C. 09/09/19

Jupiter and Mars class had a brilliant PE lesson on Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Wisbey from Hunts SSP! They worked hard on their balancing skills during their first multi skills session!

**Watch this space... our new Sports Crew will be announced next week for this academic year. I'm excited to see who is up for leading some fantastic sports activities this year! 

16th July - Quad Kids level 2 event. What a super finale to a busy year of sport here at GSPA! I never fail to be surprised at the sheer determination and commitment of our children - very proud of you all.

5th July 2019 - We had an amazing School Games Morning last Friday! The children showed all of the Olympic and Paralympic values in bucketfulls - very proud of you all! The weather was perfect, music was great and the refreshments delicious - but of course, and most importantly, we all had fun! Thank you to everyone who came along to support and cheer our teams on. A special thank you to all of the children, staff and of course our wonderful sports crew who have worked so hard throughout the the year.

5th July 2019 - I am so excited and proud to announce that we have been awarded the GOLD School Games Mark Award 2018-2019, for the third year running! The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme to reward schools for their commitment to the develpment of high quality sport and competition across their school and into the wider sporting community. Participation in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in develping an action plan for the future. A HUGE thank you to all of our staff, parents, supporters and wider community clubs who work so hard to to ensure that our children are provided with the opportunities that they all deserve. Most of all I would like to thank the children who are always so enthusiastic, displaying the School Games Values, and make the most of the opportunities we offer. ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜

27th June - Year 4 joined year 3 for the final DLPT event of the year! Our children competed very well over 3 events - cricket, rounders and athletics. The Olympic and Paralympic values, which we learnt about in our assembly on Tuesday, were evident in abundance. Looking forward to seeing these values being shown again at our School Games Day tomorrow. Very, very well done Years 3 and 4!

25th June - This afternoon the children spent time preparing for our School Games Day on Friday. During our assembly we looked at the Olympic and Paralympic Values, which compliments the Growth Mindset work that we do in school - presentation of the House Cup on Friday morning wil also be made to the house that has shown the most Olympic/Paralympic values. The children then spent the rest of the afternoon in their house teams, where they celebrated the 2019 Cricket World Cup, by looking in more detail at one of the participating countries, including the culture and sport of that country; they also made a house banner. Rehearsals for the Ribbons Club display are going well too๐Ÿ˜ƒ

13th June, 2019 - Rain certainly did not stop play today! Morning break and Team Games club were very active! ๐Ÿ˜€

12th June 2019 - Mars and Jupiter Classes are looking forward to welcoming a coach from Cricket East to our school this afternoon. He will be working with the classes on Wednesday afternoons and they will be learning cricket based skills. Look out for more information and photographs of the sessions over the next few weeks.

10th June, 2019 - Quad Kids team: The Quad Kids event is at this present time, due to take place as planned tomorrow afternoon. Please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat and a change of clothes (hopefully we will not need these). If there are any changes/updates to the plans we will let you know as soon as possible. Many thanks.

9th June, 2019 - "Modern Athletic Competition For Our Youngest Athletes....." Such an exciting week ahead, with the Quad Kids Athletics match on Tuesday afternoon, when our team will be competing in Sprint, Distance, Throwing and Jumping events. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday 20th May - Well done to our joint YR6 GSPA and KPA team who attended the DLPT sports event this morning at Winhills. They competed enthusiastically and very well in cricket, rounders and atheletics and were rewarded with 3rd place overall. Well done everyone!

Tuesday 14th May - Super weather, super venue, super event and super children at the Tri Golf Festival held in the grounds of Hinchingbrooke House today! Many thanks to Miss Conner and all of the parents who helped with transport and supported the team๐Ÿ˜Š.

13th May - What a super evening for football! This was only the second session, run by St Neots Town Football Club, and already there are new skills on display. Some footballing superstars in the making ...

12th May -We are very much looking forward to the year 3/4 Tri Golf Festival on Tuesday 14th May at Hinchingbrooke School in the House grounds from 4:00 – 6:00pm. Just a gentle reminder, that permission slips should now be returned. If possible, it would be really helpful if you could transport your child to/from the event. If you are able to transport and have not indicated this on the reply slip, please let the school office know. Many thanks.

12th May 2019 - As promised, here are the results of last week's Primay Cross Country Relay Championships - Boys 101/136 and Girls 87/123. This is a fantastic result, considering the number of teams that entered in each category - we are also a very small school and many schools entered A,B and C teams. We are so very, very proud of our teams - well done team GSPA!

2nd May 2019 -So very proud of our cross country team! All of our children ran superb legs in the the 4 x 1200m Cambridgeshire Primary School's Cross Country Relay Championships this afternoon at Priory Park. Remarkably, the children seemed to have just as much energy once they had finished the race, but I suspect that they will sleep well tonight This event just gets bigger and better - this year saw the introduction of chipped relay batons to record accurate electronic timings - I will post results once we receive them. A big thank you to all of the parents who came and provided lots of vocal support and encouragement to our athletes - it was also lovely to see parents and former pupils of the school also came and cheered on our team.

30th April - Super weather for Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) for Mars and Jupiter classes today. The high quality sessions are delivered by Miss Leighton as part of our HSSP subscription. Lots of smiles, fun and teamwork, whilst keeping active!

30th April - So proud of our High Fives netball team today, when they attended the Level 2 tournament at Longsands Academy! This was the first time that the team had played competitively and it was so lovely to see their confidence grow with each match. They acquired new skills and knowledge of the game as well as showing outstanding teamwork. Well Done! A huge thank you also, to the parents who offered transport and came along to support the team.

Monday 29th April - What an exciting week of sporting competition we have this week. Tomorrow (Tuesday), we will be taking a team of yr5/6 netballers to the Level 2 High Fives Netball Tournament at Longsands Academy. On Thursday our Cross Country team will be taking part in the Cambridgeshire Primary School's Cross Country Relay Championship, at Priory Park in St Neots. Good luck to all of our teams.
29th April - Our new football club, run by St Neots Town Football Club started after school today. The smiles on the children's faces, indicated that it was a great success! The coaches said that they had a fantastic time too!

5th April - Over the last half term, the children in Mars class have enjoyed Balanceability sessions with Miss Leighton from the Hunts Schools Sports Partnership. Balanceability is a nationally accredited programme designed to develop a child's co-ordinaation skills, whilst having fun on a balance bike. During their sessions, all the children have improved their balance, coordination and safety awareness, whilst negotiating obstacles. Miss Leighton and Mrs Hampson are very pround of the children, who were all presented with a certificate of achievement in our celebration assembley yesterday.

29th March 2019 - Our Cross Country Club have been working really hard this half term building core strength and stamina. Their hard work and committment is now starting to bring rewards, as they surprise themselves with how far they can now run. We are preparing for the Primary Schoools Cross Country Championships which is held at the beginning of May for Yr5/6 children. However, our main focus is for the children to increase their fitness and have fun! Very proud of everyone!

29th March 2019 - Over the last couple of weeks, we have been revamping our early morning playground activities. Activities include juggling, ribbons and the "squashing machine"! We have also introduced a "flash mob" dance to the Macarena, which is enjoyed by children and staff alike - it would be great to see parents joining in too. Taking part in physical activities before school, is not only beneficial to health and wellbeing, but also helps children settle, ready to learn.

Tuesday 12th March - It was such a pleasure to accompany our year 4 gymnasts to the Key Steps Gymnastics Competition, held at Huntingdon Olympic Gymnastics Club today. Determination, committment, teamwork and smiles were there in abundance today :) The event was attended by 29 teams over two sessions! Thank you to all of our gymnasts - you did GSPA proud. Thank you to Mrs Todd, who helped transport the children and supported the team at the event. A huge thank you too, to Mrs Griffiths, who prepared the children for the event.

4th March - Keeping fit whilst having fun at Mrs Hampson's Just Dance club. Think I may have to join :)

1st March 2019 - So very proud of our Quicksticks hockey team who travelled to St Ives One Leisur Oudoor Centre today, to compete in the Level 2 Quicksticks hockey tournament. This was the first time that the team had played together and it was lovely to watch them grow in confidence and skill level as the tournament progressed. I think they all came away with a new love of the Quicksticks game - one comment that I overheard was, "I just want to do it all over again!" Huge thanks go to Mrs Griffiths who was there coaching the team and to Mr Taylor who helped to transport the team and support them at the event.

Thursday 28th February - What a wonderful evening we had yesterday for our return to cross country club. I think that they were tired at the end :)

PE in Saturn and Jupiter class - Thursday 7th February
Another week of gymnastics and pupils are self and peer assessing each other to tick off gymnastics skills on assessment sheets. Amazing effort from both classes and pupils are so motivated and have a very mature attitude to having the freedom to practise new and existing skills. 

Big thank you to the leaders at gym club on Thursday.  Mrs Griffiths

1st February 2019 - Exercising, keeping warm and having fun at KS2 Ribbons club today ...

Thursday 31st January 2019 - Both Jupiter and Saturn classes had curriculum gymnastics sessions with Mrs Griffiths yesterday afternoon. They were consolidating existing skills and learning new ones. This week they were using the vault and were tryng out different ways of dismounting - they included, tuck, straddle, pike, half and full turn. The gymnastics club also had fun learning new skills too ...

News from Mrs Griffiths - 24th January

Year 4 completed an interval training session on the playground. They are mastering warm ups and are doing them independently which is excellent to see. 
Jupiter class had an hour of gymnastics with year 4 and all the children worked 
very hard on core skills. I hope they enjoyed it.

18th January 2019 - It may be cold in the morning, but we keep warm by staying active on the playground before school ...

18th January 2019 - Our new gymnastics club got off to a great start yesterday. The children benefitted from new equipment including, crash mats and wedges, which allowed them to practice forward and backward rolls in a safe environment. Mrs Griffiths was assisted by our year 5 and 6 young leaders; it is so good to see them volunteering their time to help our younger pupils.

Saturn PE - Spring 2019
This term Saturn class will be learning lots of different training methods to improve cardio vascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, agility and more. They are also doing gymnastics.  Last week we were using some new equipment to perform backward rolls into handstand, straddle and front support.  More equipment will be arriving shortly to allow children to try more new skills. 
Don’t forget that jewellery is not allowed to be worn in PE. 


Great News! This term (Spring), Mrs Griffiths will be running an exciting new Gymnastics club on Thursdays after school. The club is open to years 3 and 4 as they will be preparing for a year 3/4 competition which will be held at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club in March. However, if numbers allow, it may be possible for other years to join in too. If your child is interested please return the club reply slip as soon as possible as places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Year 6 children are also invited to apply to for the role of gymnastics leaders at the club.

13th December - A few photos from Saturn's curriculum PE netball sessions this half term.

13th December - The Cross Country Club would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy Christmas holiday!

13th December - We have had a fantastic half term in Cross Country club. It always amazes me how enthusiastic and committed the children are to their sport, whatever the weather. Well done team - I look forward to successful 2019 season.

13th December - Over the last half term, Saturn have been concentrating on Netball skills and Dance with Mrs Griffiths. Over the last few weeks they have been creating routines with a Jazz, Charlston and Jive influence. They have been focussing on partnering activities, including mirroring, matching and canon skills. Today they had such a lot of fun with the bell belts (which gave it a real seasonal feel) and they even managed to incorporate some lifts into their choreography. Well done Saturn Class and Mrs Griffiths.

12th December - As part of our PE provision this term, Mars and Jupiter have been concentrating on Dance, and we are really lucky to have our own dance teacher, Miss Jones. To showcase some of the new skills they have learnt this term, the rest of the school and many parents and friends were treated to a super

23rd November - Such a cold evening for our Cross Country club yesterday! However, our hardy athletes still wanted to train. We did succumb to the weather about half way through the session though and were invited to join Mrs Griffiths Table Tennis club, who were enjoying Cardio Table Tennis! We soon got warm and doubled the fun! Thank you Mrs Griffiths.

8th November - Mr Finlayson of the Hunts Schools Sports Partnership was a very special visitor to our Celebration Assembly this morning. We learnt in July, that we had been award the GOLD level School Games Mark Award for 2017-2018. The School games Mark is a government led awards scheme which rewards schools for their commitment to the development of sports in school and the community. Our wonderful sports crew accepted the award on behalf of the school. HUGE thanks to staff, parents and the wider community who support us, and of course our amazing children, whose ethusiasm for the opportunities provided, makes it all worthwhile. Well done team Great Staughton.

6th November - Sshh! Mars class are dancing to Christmas music today!

1st November - Well, what terrible weather for our first cross country session! However, we did keep active (warm and dry), as we joined our new Table Tennis club run by Mrs Griffiths. Lots of fun was had be all!