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Welcome to Jupiter Class! 

Jupiter Class is a mixed year 3 and 4 class. Miss Smith is the class teacher with Mrs Tickle as the class teaching assistant.

Our ethos in class is to always respect each other, have a growth mindset and have fun! 

Jupiter Class 2022.2023


Summer Term

W.C 10th July


This week we have had many performances! On Monday we had the Rocksteady Concert and on Tuesday/Wednesday we had the KS2 production performances and the children were amazing! We are so proud of their focus, hard work and confidence in these performances. We finished our Topic unit by creating our own piece of watercolour art based on The Rainforest. We explored different pieces of Rainforest inspired art work and then created our own. We shared our wonderful Science homework projects, again I was so impressed with the quality of work! Then we ended our week with our final PE lesson and then it was the Leavers assembly. Another big well done this week Jupiter class! Three days left! 

W.C 3rd July:

This week we have been very busy rehearsing the KS2 performance, we can't wait for you to see it! In English, the children listened to more of the story 'Harry's Mad', we recapped fronted adverbials and then used this as we wrote a radio speech in role as Harry. In Maths, the year 3s completed their work with statistics by collecting their own data and presenting it in a table. The year 4s started their work on position and direction and we focused on co-ordinates. On Monday, we enjoyed watching the school music performance, and the children who took part were amazing! Finally, we ended the week with our Sports Day! Well done to all of Jupiter this week, one full week left! 

W.C 12th June:

A big well done to all of Year 4 as they have now all completed their official multiplication check. They have worked so hard, and we are all very proud of them! In Maths the year 3s have been accurately drawings and measuring, identifying parallel and perpendicular lines and recognising 2-D and 3-D shapes. The year 4s have been exploring different types of triangles and quadrilaterals, recognising lines of symmetry and completing symmetric figures. In English we have started our new text Harry's Mad by Dick King-Smith. We have been discussing our first impressions of the story, discussing characters and the different ways they are portrayed and explored the different forms of English used. In RE, we explored the main beliefs of Hinduism and named the main Hindu deities. In Science, the year 4s carried on looking at classification keys and used this to identify different animals. They also identified and classified different plants. In PE the children focused on their throwing skills, and we had our weekly swimming session. In Art, the children completed their final piece using Lino. The children spent time carving their final design into the Lino and then printed their final design inspired by the artist Zandra Rhodes. Finally, on Wednesday we had our whole school trip to Shuttleworth Zoological Centre which was so much fun! Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂 

W.C 5th June:

This week in Maths we started focusing on angles and turns. The Y3s spent time recognising angles and comparing angles, whilst the Y4s identified angles such as acute and obtuse and then ordering and comparing angles. In English, the children showed their understanding of playscripts by writing their own playscript based on whatever they liked. They had to make sure they included all the key features we have learnt. Then we moved onto consolidating our understanding of apostrophes. The Y3s focused on apostrophes of possession and the Y4s focused on apostrophes for plural possession. In Science, the Y4s grouped organisms according to their characteristics, and classified animals to specific groups due to their characteristics.  In RE we had our first lesson looking at Hinduism. We spent time learning where Hinduism was founded and located different locations on a map. In Topic we explored the habitat of the rainforest. We spoke about the animals that live in the upper and lower layers of the rainforest, and how different animals have adapted to live in the rainforest. In PE, we had our first lesson of athletics where we focused on running, throwing and jumping. We also had our weekly swimming session. On Wednesday, we had an Art and RE focus day. Each year group were given an Enquiry question and a piece of artwork to be inspired by. The Y3s had the question 'What makes Sikhs unique?' and the Painting of Golden temple

by August Schoefft. The Y4s had 'What makes Hindus unique?' and the artwork was The Meenakshi Temple in Madurai. The children designed a piece of artwork inspired by the religion and art and painted it onto an umbrella. 

W.C 22nd May:

This week in Maths we have continued our work on time. The year 3s have been deepening their understanding of minutes and seconds, understanding and comparing lengths of time and solving problems with time. The year 4s have been converting between analogue and digital times and explored 12 hour and 24 hours clocks. Both year groups ended the week by completing an end of unit quiz to check their understanding. In English we have started looking at playscripts. The children identified key features of a playscripts, had a go at writing dialogue and stage directions and then wrote a short playscript based on the story The Three Little Pigs. In RE the children ended their work focusing on Sikhism and answered their questions on their KWHL grid. In Art, the children practiced their printing skills using polystyrene and then moved onto experimenting with Lino. The children have created their own design inspired by the artist Zandra Rhodes and will be creating their final piece after half term. In PE, we had our final lesson using our skills learnt to play a game of rounders. We had our weekly swimming session and the year 4s went on a sports event. A big well done to all the children for their hard work this term, have a restful half term! 🙂 

W.C 8th May:

This week in Maths focused on money. We consolidated our understanding of converting between pounds and pence, the year 3s then spent time adding different amounts of money using known methods and calculating change. The year 4s compared different amounts of money and used their knowledge of four operations to help calculate with money. In English we had a SPaG focus. We first consolidated our understanding of commas, specifically in lists, fronted adverbials and subordinate clauses. Then we moved onto consolidating our understanding of apostrophes, specifically for contractions, possession and plural possession. Then we ended the week with a focus on the homophones there, their and they're. The year 3s looked at the function of leaves in their Science lesson, then as a whole class went outside for Forest School to continue building the den! The children had their swimming lesson, and also their PE lesson moved on to playing a game of Rounders. In Topic, the children researched and created their own fact files about The Amazon River, and they discussed the comparisons between The Amazon River and The River Nile. In RE the children identified where Sikhs worship, named features of a Gurdwara and discussed what makes the Gurdwara a special place for Sikhs. 

W.C 1st May

A very busy four-day week in Jupiter! This week we had our swimming session, and Bikeability where the children were amazing! In Maths, the year 3s have finished their work with Fractions by finding non-unit fraction amounts of objects and completing reasoning questions related to fractions. The year 4s have finished their work on decimals by partitioning decimals in a variety of ways, ordering decimals and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. In English, the children wrote their double page diary entry they had planned last week and edited it to improve their vocabulary choices and spellings. Then they ended the week completing comprehension based on the Kings Coronation. In Science the year 4s started their unit of living things and their habitats. We recapped what we already knew about habitats and how animals are suited to different habitats and why. In PE the children had their next lesson practicing their Rounders skills. The children wrote an acrostic poem in Exciting Writing all about the monarchy, we focused on using poetic devices such as similes, alliteration and metaphors. In RE the children focused on the main beliefs of Sikhism. The children ended their week with a tea party to celebrate the Kings Coronation! Hope you all enjoy another 3 day weekend 🙂 

W.C 24th April:

This week in Maths the year 3s have been smashing their work on Fractions again! They have been adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, and then moved onto finding unit fractions of amounts. The year 4s have been really focused this week starting with decimals. Some have found decimals tricky but they have worked really hard! They started by recognising tenths and hundredths as fractions and decimals, then moved onto dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 and 100. In English, we read The Expedition Diaries- Borneo Rainforest. We then moved onto identifying key features of a diary, as we started to plan our double page spread diary. In partners, the children chose a country that the Amazon Rainforest is in to research- Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia or Peru. They then chose images and an animal or plant to write facts about. In RE we started our lessons on Sikhism. The children learnt about where and how Sikhism was founded and recalled key events in Guru Nanak's life. On Tuesday we started our swimming lessons, the children worked really hard showing off their skills! In Topic, the children learnt about the different layers of the rainforest and the role each layer has. The children also discussed the weather conditions of each layer. In Science the year 3s started their unit on plants, they learnt about the different roles of the different parts of a plant. Then they set up their own experiments looking at root shoots.

W.C 17th April 2023:

A busy first week back in Jupiter class! In Maths, the children have continued their work on Fractions. The year 3s looked at equivalent fractions, and then moved on to finding fractions of an amount. The year 4s finished their work on Fractions by converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and then adding and subtracting fractions from mixed numbers. In English, we read Greta and the Giants and spoke about the effects of deforestation. The children then wrote a diary entry as Greta. In PSHE we spoke about responsibilities and how we have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe, and how we do this. In our first Topic lesson focused on Rainforests, we spoke about the climate of rainforests. The children looked at a world map and identified different rainforests, spoke about the the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and how the location of the Equator impacts the weather of a rainforest. Finally, we have finished our independent art projects with the theme of protests. The children blew me away with their creativity, confidence and skills in creating their artwork and linking this to the skill of Art through Technology.

Hope you all have a restful weekend :) 

Spring Term

W.C 27th March


What a busy last week of term! In Maths we have continued to work on Fractions, the children focused on equivalent fractions and ordering these on number lines. We enjoyed our Rocksteady concert, all of the children were amazing! We also had our Easter Service at the church. On Tuesday, we had our topic day! We got to spend the day with Oak class and enjoy four activities all based on our topic of Ancient Egypt. We spent time making our own clay amulets, building a pyramid with hieroglyphics drawn inside it, hunting for Egyptian artefacts in a tomb and making our Egyptian bread rolls. Then we ended the day with pictures in our amazing Egyptian death masks and trying our Egyptian bread. Then to end the week we had reward day. The children got to watch a film, go on an Easter egg hunt, and end the day with a session learning how to hula hoop! A big well done to all the children for all their hard work this term, I hope you all have a relaxing Easter break- you deserve it! :) 

W.C 20th March


This week in Maths we have started to look at Fractions. We have spent time learning about unit and non unit fractions, the year 3s worked on making a whole, whilst the year 4s spent time understanding fractions greater than one. The year 4s ended the week working out fractions of a number. In English we moved onto Poetry as it was World Poetry Day on Tuesday. The children spent time exploring different types of poems and discussed the different features. Then moved onto building vocabulary and writing their own shape poems based on the theme of Easter or Spring. In RE, we answered some comprehension questions about Easter, then moved onto answering our questions on our KWHL grids. We wrote a double page spread all about British Science week in Exciting Writing. In DT, we wrote our own recipes for our Egyptian Bread that we will be making next week. In Art we spent time creating our final pieces for our Independent Art project based on Protests. Then we ended the week with special PE session with Mrs Griffiths and Saturn class.

W.C 13th March:

We have had a busy week in Jupiter! The children received their assessment papers from last week and we spent time going through questions/areas that the children wanted to focus on. 

The children have loved British Science week and we have had a go at lots of different activities and experiments all linked to the theme of Connections. We have looked at our fingerprints, by making fingerprints in cocoa powder, graphite and flour, and the children then looked at the patterns on their fingerprints and compared to each other. We discussed what a scientist is and could look like and spoke about the stereotypes, then the children drew their own scientist and wrote key skills that their scientist needs. We went into the hall and spent time thinking about different connections in ecosystems and how different elements of the ecosystem can be connected, and we made food chains with different species. We conducted an experiment about yeast growth and temperature, which at the time didn't seem like it had worked. However, we were very surprised to come into class the next day and see some of the balloons had gas in them! We had a visitor come in to discuss renewable energy. 

Then we ended our British Science week with a live lesson with Flavian the pig farmer. We learnt about how they look after their team of pigs to keep them happy and healthy, and we learnt how pigs both affect and are affected by their environment. We had spent time before the live lesson completing two challenges. The first was can you run as fast as a pig? Then the second was can you smell as well as a pig? The children spent the afternoon seeing how fast they could run a mile(!) and then came into the class to see if they could identify smells. 

In our usual Science lessons, the year 3s spent time with Mrs Tickle learning all about soil, and creating their own compost bin, and discussing the rock cycle. The year 4s created their own test to see at what distance do you stop hearing a sound. Then we moved onto identifying different pitches and which instruments would create a higher or lower pitch. 

In PE on Monday with Mrs David, due to the wind we ended up in the class practicing our cup stacking skills! Then on Friday, in our Badminton lessons we focused on our grip on the rackets, and our side-to-side movements to be in position for the shuttlecock. 

W.C 6th March:
This week was assessment week and I am so proud of all the children for their focus and hard work in all their assessments. They should be very proud of themselves!

In PE we focused on Badminton and practiced hitting the shuttlecock to each other, and we had another super lesson with Mrs David. We evaluated our World Book Day DT projects and in Topic we wrote a diary entry as Howard Carter after discovering Tutankhamun's tomb. We spent some time discussing International Women's Day and women we find inspirational. We finished painting our Egyptian Death masks, and in Science the year 3s learnt about the fossilisation process. The year 4s introduced their new unit focused on Sound and discussed how sounds are made when objects and materials vibrate, and whether sounds could travel through different materials.

W.C 27th February Jupiter Class:

A big well done to Jupiter class this week, they have worked so hard in their lessons as well as starting and finishing their DT project! In Maths we introduced our new unit of work focusing on measurement. We started the week by accurately measuring objects in mm, cm and m. Then we moved onto using our knowledge of converting to find equivalent lengths- the year 3s focused on mm to cm and cm to m, and the year 4s focused on m to km. The year 3s ended the week by comparing and ordering lengths, and they had to using their skills from the previous lesson to help with this. The year 4s ended the week working out perimeters of rectangles. In English we continued our work with Discussion texts. This week the children planned their own discussion text based on a topic they believed they could write a balanced argument for. We had lots of interesting topics such as ' Why should we learn more languages in school?', 'Why should we have to wear uniforms?' and 'Why should zoos still be allowed?' After planning the children spent two lessons writing their discussion texts ensuring they were including all of the key features we had discussed. On Monday morning we had our first PE lesson this term with Mrs David from HSSP. Our focus this term is tennis, and in this lesson the children spent time working on their control with the tennis ball and finding out the peak of the ball. In DT, the children spent time planning and creating prototypes of their mechanisms they wanted to include in their Ancient Egypt book. Then on World Book Day, the children spent the day making their creation come to life! We were so impressed with how focused the children were and the quality of work created was amazing! In Science the year 3s were introduced to their new unit - Rocks and Fossils. The first lesson focused on comparing and grouping rocks based on their appearance and physical properties. Then the second lesson moved onto the properties of rocks. We ended the week with painting our Papier- Mache Ancient Egyptian death masks. Hope you all have a lovely weekend :) 

Jupiter Class W.C  20th February:

What a busy first week back! In Maths we have been focusing on using methods to help us with dividing, then moving onto dividing with remainders. The year 3s also looked at scaling up or down. The children showed great determination in these lessons, as we found it quite confusing to start with when we introduced the remainders. In English we introduced our new unit of Discussion writing. We looked at example discussion texts and identified the key features, then we spent some lessons focusing on casual and contrasting conjunctions and fronted adverbials. We ended the week having our own debate, we debated whether we should be allowed mobile phones in school. In Science, the year 4s finished their unit on Electricity. The children created their own simple circuits and then tested whether materials were conductors or insulators. In DT the children were introduced to levers and linkages, and spent the afternoon practicing making these, ready for next week for our World Book Day project. In Computing we introduced our new unit- Stop Frame Animation. The children discussed what they thought animation was, and examples of animations. Then they created their own flipbooks using post it notes. We then ended our week starting to create our own Egyptian Death Masks (A big thank you for all the cardboard and newspaper!) The children created their own headdresses out of cardboard and then covered their model with papier-mache. 

W.C 30th January 


In Maths this week the year 3s have been consolidating their understanding of multiples of ten, and comparing multiplication and division facts. They then moved on to using the grid method to work out multiplication questions. I was so impressed with how quickly the children picked this up! The year 4s have been focusing on dividing a number by 1 and itself, multiplying 3 single digits, focusing on using parenthesis to help us group multiplication, and then factors pairs. In English we introduced Persuasive texts. We looked at examples and annotated the key features, then we spent lessons focusing on some of these key features: paragraphs, imperative verbs, rhetorical questions and expanded noun phrases. In Topic we discussed the question 'How were the pyramids made?' We read different theories about how the pyramids were built and found evidence to support and oppose each theory. In Science the year 3s tested out which materials are magnetic by testing different objects in the classroom. We then moved on to exploring magnetic poles and how magnets work. In DT we moved onto designing what we want our Ancient Egyptian inspired bread rolls to look like. Some children chose to use hieroglyphs to decorate their bread roles and some children chose to do a plait design as this could look like a mummy! In French the year 3s learnt different body parts in French, and then ended the lesson by signing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French! The year 4s used what they had learnt in our last lesson to ask How do you go to school? and answering I go... with a variety of different transportation. In PE we focused on what we learnt last lesson, and used different stations to perfect our Bunny Hops. On Thursday it was Time To Talk Day, so we spent our PSHE session understanding why we have this day, and completed a few activities linked to this day. 

Have a lovely weekend :) 

W.C 23rd Jan Jupiter Class:

This week in Maths we have carried on working on multiplication and division. The year 3s have focused on multiplying and dividing by 8, and then the link between the 2s, 4s and 8s. The year 4s have focused on multiplying and dividing by 7, 11 and 12. In English, the children had the option to extend the story of Flat Stanley The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery, write an alternative ending or write a whole new story with the same structure. The children spent a lesson planning, two lessons writing and then the last lesson of the week was editing these stories and extensions. The children worked really hard in these lessons and I was very impressed with the quality of what was written! In Geography we learnt about the rivers journey. The children wrote a informative piece of text explaining the journey. In Science the year 4s introduced their new unit of Electricity. Our first lesson focused on which common appliances run on electricity and how electricity can be generated. Then in the second lesson we spoke about how to be safe around electrical appliances. The year 3s had forest school this week where they spoke about forst, ice and the changes of matters. In RE the children learnt about how Easter is celebrated in different countries and discussed which country they would like to visit to celebrate Easter. Lots of children chose Poland as they throw buckets of water over peoples head! In PSHE we spoke about the perceptions of 'growing up'. In Computing we learnt about what networks are and why these are important. In PE we consolidated our learning so far on the different shapes, jumps, rolls and balances, as well as including a bunny hop. Finally, in our independent Art project, the children spent the afternoon researching artists of their choice linked to their idea for their protest art. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend :) 

W.C 16th January:

Another busy week in Jupiter Class! In Maths we have continued to focus on multiplication and division. The year 3s have spent time multiplying and dividing by three and 4. The year 4s have spent time multiplying and dividing by nine as well as discussing how the threes, sixes and nines are linked. In English we read our book Flat Stanley The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery. The children really enjoyed the book and were so excited to keep reading each day! In our lessons we spent time looking at simple, compound and complex sentences and how we can use them in our writing, we wrote a detailed setting description using images of places in Egypt, we recapped our understanding of correctly punctuating direct speech between two characters from the book and then we ended with writing a book review of Flat Stanley. In RE we looked at the significance of different Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. In DT we introduced our new unit which is Ancient Egyptian Bread. We spend the lesson researching about Ancient Egyptian bread ready for when we plan our own recipe. In French the year 3s looked at classroom instructions and the year 4s looked at transportation. In Science the year 3s started their new unit of Forces and Magnets. Our first lesson we looked at different actions which cause a push or pull. Then we moved onto friction. The children used toy cars on different surfaces to see which surface would cause the most friction and why. In PSHE we spent time looking at the children rights of children and what this means. In PE we moved onto balances, specifically mirrored or matching balances. The children practiced and then created their own sequences using balances, shapes, jumps and rolls. Then we ended the week with Art. This term we are starting an independent project. The children were introduced to the skill which is Art through Technology, and the theme or protest and street art. The children now have independence in our sessions to decide what they would like their art to be, artists they would like to research and how they want to create their art. Hope you have a lovely weekend :) 

W.C 9th Jan Jupiter Class:

What a busy week! In Maths this week we have been introducing our new unit of multiplication and division. This week the year 3s have been focusing on making equal groups, using arrays and consolidating their understanding of their 2s,5s and 10s. The year 4s have been focusing on their 3s and 6s. In English we have started our new unit focused on the book Flat Stanley- The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery. We spent time making predictions based on the front cover and blurb, creating descriptive character descriptions using only an image, then ended the week with starting to read the book and give our opinions on whether Flat Stanley should go to Egypt or not, and we justified our opinions.  In Geography we looked at what a river is, the key features and being able to label a river, the children did really well with this! We completed our Science KWHL grids for our new units, the year 3s unit is Forces and Magnets and the year 4s unit is Electricity. In Topic we researched and discussed what death masks are and the reasons they were used. Then we took inspiration from Tutankhamun's death mask and designed our own, which we will be creating in weeks to come. In PE we had our second gymnastics lessons, we recapped our shapes, jumps and turns from last week and then we moved onto different rolls. We showed our abilities with moon rolls, dish/saucer rolls and forward rolls. Then spent time practicing teddy bear rolls which we realised were very tricky! Even with all of this we managed to squeeze in our whole day Grafham trip, the children had a brilliant time and really impressed me with their determination and courage to have a go at things they may have been nervous about. Hope you all have a lovely weekend :) 

W.C 2nd January: 

Happy New Year! For this short week we introduced our new topic Ancient Egypt. We spent some time discussing if we already knew anything about our topic and we spoke about what we would like to find out. We looked at a timeline of history and ordered it, then spent some time looking at hieroglyphics. We decoded a message and then created our own messages using hieroglyphs.

In RE we introduced our new unit 'What is the meaning of Easter?' In Exciting writing, we wrote a recount of all the best bits of our 2022, the challenges we faced and a New Years resolution for 2023. In Art we had the theme 'sunrise and sunset' and created artwork around this theme, we used watercolours, pencils, oil pastels or chalks. The children were very creative and created beautiful pieces of art! We had a growth mindset lesson; the year 3 lesson was focused on 'Were you born to be good at something?' and the year 4 lesson was focused on 'Doom Words' and what this can mean for our learning journey. We had a lesson recapping everything we learnt last term in Maths, focusing on addition, subtraction and place value. In PE we had our first lesson of our gymnastics unit. We recapped different jumps and shapes. We then moved onto jumps with ¼ turns, half turns, ¾ turns and a full turn - which was definitely the trickiest! Then the children created their own sequences showing off what they had learnt. Finally, we shared our topic PowerPoints from our topic of Anglo-Saxons from last term as we didn't get a chance to before the holidays. The children amazed me with how much knowledge they could show about this topic! I hope you have a lovely weekend :) 

Autumn Term

W.C 21st Jupiter:

Well done to everyone for getting through the first assessment week of the year. The children worked really hard to demonstrate their knowledge of Maths, Reading and SPaG and helped to identify areas for development. On Tuesday the Year 4s had Forest School with Mrs Tickle where they explored pine cones and pine trees and they went for a walk around the village, whilst the Year 3s has two Science lessons. In the first lesson we focused on reflection and we tested out materials to see which were the most reflective. In the second lesson we looked specifically at mirrors, and how they work. On Wednesday afternoon the children had the opportunity to share their World Cup Homework projects with each other. I was very impressed with the effort and knowledge the children had:) In Topic we looked at the locations and distances between Anglo-Saxon settlements. In PSHE we discussed different types of bullying and how we could identify these. In DT we practiced back-stitch ready for when we move onto making our own Anglo-Saxon money holders. In Exciting Writing, we wrote a set of instructions for an alien, telling them how to be successful in Assessment Week. We ended the week with completing our independent topic research. The children had chose their own enquiry question all about the Anglo-Saxons and spent time researching and creating a PowerPoint to present their research. 

A big well done to all the children for completing their assessments, they were all superstars! ⭐ Have a relaxing weekend :) 

Jupiter Class W.C 14th November:

In Maths the year 3s have been focusing on spotting patterns, estimating answers and using the inverse to check answers. Year 4s have moved onto subtraction with exchanging, this is a tricky concept so we will be carrying on and practicing this in the next few weeks. In English we have carried on writing our non chronological reports, we wrote our conclusion, glossary and we then moved onto editing our reports. In Art we started our new unit Drawing. We created a double page spread on our Artist we are focusing on this term, David Hockney. In Science the Year 4s started their new unit States of Matter. We completed our KWHL grid. We then discussed how particles move in different states, and we became the particles to show this. Then we discussed the importance of gases, we did this through a range of activities such as weighing an inflated and deflated balloon and squeezing a bottle with the lid on and off. In Geography we started our own independent projects. In groups we were given a continent and we started to collect research about these and in the next few weeks we will be finishing these off. For PSHE this week we discussed bullying as it is Anti-Bullying Week, we spoke about the different roles in bullying and how we can 'Reach Out' to support. In PE we focused on our passing skills, we had a go at a few stations to practice these skills then we moved onto playing a game of 'Don't feed the animals!' Then we ended the week with Children in Need activities. Hope you all have a lovely weekend:) 

W.C 7th November:

Another busy week for Jupiter Class. We started the week off with our new PE unit Dance with Mrs Davis , the children learnt about what a movement phrase is and how it is a series of movements to form a dance. They also spent time learning The Haka. 

In Maths we have been carrying on with addition, but with a focus on carrying this week. The children have shown great focus and determination with using column method. In English we have been researching, planning and starting to write our Non-Chronological Reports all about the Anglo-Saxons. The children spent time deciding what they would like their subheadings to be and using books and laptops to research facts. In Topic the children created their own map of an Anglo-Saxon village from an aerial view, also including a key. On Tuesday the Year 3 children started their new Science unit which is Light. We discussed what we already knew about Light and what we would like to learn in our unit this term. Then we moved onto identifying a range of different light sources and why light is so important. In French the Year 3s focused on counting to ten and we practiced this by singing a song. The Year 4s had Forest School with Mrs Tickle where they were dissecting pumpkins, harvesting the seeds and all round having Pumpkintastic fun! In RE we completed a KWL grid for our new unit 'Why is Jesus so important?' In Exciting Writing, we wrote our own auto-biography's. In PSHE we spent time discussing our support networks and discussed healthy and unhealthy relationships, and what we should do if we see or find ourselves in an unhealthy relationship. Some of the Year 3s went on their sports event to Kimbolton Prep to play football, they did so well! :) Finally we ended the week with our Remembrance Day Service where we paid our respect with a two minute silence.

W.C 31st October:

What a busy first week back! In Maths this week we introduced our new unit Addition and Subtraction. We focused on recapping methods we can use for addition this week and the children were amazing at choosing the most efficient method for different addition questions. In English the year 3s focused on the prefixes -auto, -anti and -super, the children were great at this and understood when adding a prefix, it can change the meaning of the word. The year 4s focused on fronted adverbials, and being able to identify them in a text. Then we moved onto prepositions and recognising and using regular and irregular past tense verbs, and the spelling rules alongside them. In Geography we were recalling what the equator, northern and southern hemispheres are and then focusing on what is meant by latitude and longitude. In RE we were finishing our learning for the enquiry question 'What is religion like where I live?'. We researched the answers to questions relating to the major religions and consolidated our learning. In PSHE we focused on identifying our own support network. We discussed healthy behaviours within relationships and how we can rely on our support network if we felt we needed to. On Thursday we had an afternoon focused on Bonfire Night. We spent some time watching different firework displays from around the world, and then created our own firework art using pastels. We used the videos as inspiration and then wrote our own bonfire night poems to go alongside our artwork. The children loved this activity and the vocabulary used within the poems was amazing!

Jupiter Class W.C 17th October:

What a busy last week we have had! This week in Maths we have been consolidating our learning of Place Value through Maths investigations, problem solving and Nrich. The Year 4s spent some time focusing on their times tables. In English we have focused on SPaG. We spent time looking at subordinate clauses and conjunctions, fronted adverbials, apostrophes for contraction and possession and we ended the week with a mini SPaG check to see if we remembered all of our learning. In Science the Year 4s wrote up their investigation, they found out that vinegar caused the most damage to the teeth (and caused the most flies). The investigation worked well to show us the damage liquid can do to our teeth, although the year 4s pointed out egg shells do not have the same amount of enamel as teeth. They then moved onto learning about the journey of food through the human digestive system. The year 3s looked at how nutrients, water and oxygen are transported within animals and humans, and spoke about our circulatory system. The year 3s spent time outside with Mrs Tickle practicing their weaving ready for our Art lessons on Thursday and Friday. In French the Year 3s looked at different ways to say goodbye and we practiced our pronunciation. The Year 4s started to look at the pronunciation of numbers up to 100. In PSHE we spent time discussing the special people in our lives, and how we make them happy. Then we moved onto discussing people we can talk to if we need support and how we can be good listeners. On Thursday afternoon we spent time sharing our homework projects. We were so impressed with the thought and effort the children had put into their projects:) In Art we practiced weaving with different materials, and then we designed and created our own piece of artwork using the technique of weaving. Some children tried to use the artist Anni Albers artwork as inspiration. Finally, this week both year 3 and year 4 got to visit Winhills for their year group sports event. All the children impressed everyone with their effort, teamwork and determination. I hope you all have a lovely, restful half term!

Jupiter Class W.C 10th October:

This week in Maths we have been spending the week consolidating our learning of number lines. We spent time making sure we understood and could confidently work out intervals on a number line, then moved onto estimating and problem solving. In English we have planned, written and edited our own Arthurian Quest. The children have written brilliant quests and used amazing, powerful language. The year 3s learnt about muscles and joints in Science and we researched and answered questions relating to this. We also recapped our understanding of different animal's diets. The y4s set up their tooth decay experiment and have been observing the egg shells through the week. In DT we introduced our unit where we will create our own Anglo-Saxon inspired purse or wallet. In this weeks DT lesson, we practiced a running stitch, lots of children found this tricky however with a growth mindset, we all managed to complete a running stitch on paper and a piece of material. In PSHE we discussed conflict and ways we could resolve conflict with friends. In Art we experimented with weaving. We discussed what weaving is and we practiced using a range of materials. Finally we ended the week with our Harvest Festival :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

W.C 3rd October Jupiter Class:

Another busy week! In Maths this week we have been working on round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. The year 4s looked at understanding, identifying and sequencing negative numbers. Then we ended the week looking at Roman numerals, we found this tricky to start with however the children were super learners and kept trying! In English we started the week with a tricky challenge, we needed to summarise the story of Morgan Le Fay in 100 words or less! We then moved onto writing a description of our own noble knights, answering comprehension questions about Sir Lancelot's First Quest. Then we ended the week watching a live lesson which was for National Poetry day, we then wrote our own acrostic poem using the word nature. In Topic we described and drew our own typical Anglo-Saxon village, and we discussed the different jobs they could have. In Science, the Y4s were focusing on what causes tooth decay, and then we created our own investigations to enquire about the causes of tooth decay. We will be starting this next week. The Y3s sorted animals by their different skeletons (Endoskeleton, Exoskeletons and Hydro skeletons) and then they moved onto labelling a human skeleton. On Wednesday afternoon we shared all of our brilliant homework projects focused on King Alfred the Great, it was clear all the children worked hard on their homework projects! We ended the week with a visit from Wood Green to discuss and remind ourselves on safe behaviour around dogs.

Jupiter Class W.C 26th September:

Another busy week in Jupiter Class! In Maths this week we looked at numbers line to identify and estimate numbers to 100 (Y3) and 10,000 (Y4), we ordered and compared numbers, and we spotted patterns when counting on or back in multiples of 10,25,50, 100 or 1000. In English we wrote our own Sword in the Stone adventure which we planned last week, we worked on correctly punctuating speech, and we role played a conversation between King Arthur and Sir Pellinore. On Monday it was European Day of Languages, we spent some time discussing the different languages spoke around Europe and we completed an activity where we matched the flag to the correct European country. In PSHE we discussed what makes a good friend and what qualities we would want in our friends. The Y4s showed great teamwork and determination at the sports event, and won two out of the three games! For our PE lesson this week, some of the Y4s set up four different stations focusing on Football. We had a dribbling station, a passing station, a running station and a shooting station. On Wednesday we spent the afternoon with Mrs Tickle, we completed a Music lesson where we started on the unit of Mamma Mia, and then we had a forest school session where we tried to create our own bug houses using only lollipop sticks. In Geography we discussed what the equator is and how it can affect the climate. In RE we explored the main religion within our surrounding area, we did this by completing a survey, and researching our area.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and hopefully the weather brightens up!

W.C 5th September, W.C 12th September, W.C 19th September: 

We have had a busy first few weeks since being back! The week commencing the 5th we had our creative week. We spent time introducing our topic Anglo-Saxons and Scots. We completed a timeline activity and spoke about the Anglo-Saxons and Scots in relation to all of our previous topics such as The Vikings and The Romans. We researched, designed and created our own Anglo-Saxon clay carvings to look like the Anglo-Saxon stone carvings. We spent some time reading The Barnabus Project, and after reading this we spoke about what makes us unique. We also created our own hybrid animals and created them using a range of materials.

In the week commencing the 12th we started Maths and English for the term. In Maths we recapped our learning of place value from last year. We worked on partitioning and representing numbers to 100 (Y3) and 1000 (Y4). In English we started our new unit looking at the story of King Arthur. We spent time discussing how legends can vary in different versions of the same story, we edited and extended sentences from the story to make them more descriptive, then we performed our story.

Then this week (19th ) in Maths we continued our work with place value, this time Y3 working on numbers up to 1000 and Y4 numbers up to 10,000. We discussed flexible partitioning, and found 1, 10, 100 or 1000(Y4) more and less than a number. In English we explored personal and possessive pronouns and planned our own story using the characters from the Disney film Sword in the Stone. In Science we started our new unit of Animals including Humans. The year 3s focused on the five food groups and how we can create a balanced diet. The year 4s discussed food chains and then moved onto the name and function of teeth. In Art we completed artist studies on Anni Albers and explored her work before we start our unit on Weaving. Finally on Friday it was International Sign Language Day. We spent some time some time discussing how verbal communication can be trickier for many reasons, so we thought about different forms of communication such as sign language.