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We are all looking forward to all children returning to school for the Autumn Term.  We will be starting the term with a whole school project, all children will complete work based on 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.

In Jupiter class Miss Smith will be the class teacher with Mrs Tickle remaining as the class TA and Mrs Wiseman will be joining Jupiter in the afternoons as an additional TA.

For this term, Jupiter has been set up differently (following government guidelines).  Expectations and procedures will be shared with the children on the first day of school. 

We understand that some learners have not been in school for quite some time, so we are approaching the first few weeks slightly differently to a 'normal' return to school.

We hope that you have all had a restful break over the summer and are looking forward to returning to learning within your classrooms.

PowerPoint to share with children before returning to school. This will also be shared on the first day of school in class.

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Week Ending 11th September

We have had such a lovely start to the term in Jupiter class! We have spent lots of time talking about being back at school, and how we are feeling. We have also been fabulous artists this week and we have created self portraits which will be displayed in our cloakroom.

Its been so lovely to finally meet you all, and thank you for being so welcoming

Jupiter Class 2019/2020!


Miss Connor is the lead teacher in Jupiter Class this year. 
Mrs Tickle is our teaching assistant, she works every morning and completes her forest school learning with each class every afternoon. Mrs Passan is the lead teacher on a Monday morning or afternoon. 

23.05.20 - Half term has officially begun!

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Hi everyone, this is a short message from me to say MASSIVE well done for learning at home for longer than a whole half term now! I'm so impressed with all of your efforts and I know you will continue to do great things! Hopefully this message has helped those who were keen to see a familiar face. Happy half term to everyone!

Miss Connor

Jupiter Class Update
W.C. 09.03.20

Another busy week this week as we celebrated British Science Week and Sport Relief. As we spent every afternoon completing science activities and our mile for Sport Relief, our mornings were filled with our normal Maths and English lessons.


In English, we continued to explore our class text ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ this week. The children were very excited when we discovered a couple new characters including the albatross, Mr Culpeper and mermaid, Iris. They wrote character descriptions using computer software and stepped into role as Oliver and wrote a diary entry about his experiences so far.

In Maths, we learnt about statistics this week and how we input this data onto tally charts, bar graphs and pictograms. We spent a lot of time recapping the language of ‘what’s the difference’ and what this means as this was something that caught lots of us out during assessment week last week. It would be great if you could continue to ask your children to ‘find the difference’ between numbers at home to reinforce learning completed in class.

In Science this week we have had lots of fun completing activities related to the British Science Week theme ‘Our Diverse Planet’. In class we explored what it meant to be diverse people and discussed the differences between us. We completed experiments using blindfolds to reinforce what it might feel like to have visual impairment. We also carried out an investigation to measure the number of taste bumps we have and how this may be different to our friends. PLEASE NOTE - we were all super hygienic and washed our hands thoroughly before and after the experiment! We even removed the cotton buds and card by placing into sealy bags!

As it was SAW (Science, Art and Writing) day on Friday the children drew their own reflected self-portraits and wrote auto-biographies about their lives. Thank you to all the parents who came and looked around the exhibition after school! I know the children loved showing off their learning.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend,

Miss Connor

Jupiter Class Update
W.C. 02.03.20

Although it was assessment week this week, that didn't stop Jupiter class going out of school on two separate occasions for a trip to St Neots Museum and to Kimbolton for our weekly swimming lesson. We can't forget that we also got to celebrate World Book Day! 


I hope everyone is ready for another busy week as we celebrate British Science Week and Sports Relief!

Jupiter Class Update
Week Ending 28/02/20

Jupiter class had a great week back after half term. In English we started a new fiction text called ‘Oliver and the seawigs’ and the children were very excited! They made predictions about what they thought the text might be about before the front cover was revealed, considered how it might feel to be an explorer like Oliver and created their own lists of items they would take with them with appropriate reasons to support.


In Maths, the children practised their operations for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in preparation for assessment week next week.  


In Science this week both Year 2 and Year 3 carried out experiments to answer scientific questions. While Year 2 identified the ways in which everyday materials can be changed, Year 3 carried out different investigations to identify which magnet is the strongest or whether magnets are stronger in water or through the air.


In Topic this week, the children used their computing skills to research the Hindu temple ‘Angkor Wat’ located in Cambodia. They were fascinated by some of the facts they found out and some children managed to begin creating their own power point presentation about it.


Of course I cannot forget that on Friday we had our first session swimming. Jupiter class were a joy to take and I’m very much looking forward to the next 7 weeks!


I hope you’ve all had a good weekend, see you tomorrow!


Miss Connor

Jupiter Class Update
W.C. 10.02.20

We had a super busy last week in Jupiter Class before the half term holiday. In English we finished the text ‘Suki’s Kimono’. We explored persuasive writing first and once we had learnt the skills of persuasion, we wrote our own letters to Suki’s headteacher. The children had to think about the reasons why Suki should be allowed to wear her kimono and include these points of view in their letter. It was great to hear and read the children recognising diversity and encouraging different cultures.


In Maths we spent the week recapping and learning about 2D and 3D shapes. The children explored the properties and discussed the vertices, edges and faces of different shapes. Once they were more confident with the names and properties, the children used their problem solving and reasoning skills to answer trickier questions.

In Science, Year 2 made their boats and carried out their investigation to see whether theirs would float or sink. Once they had the results, they discussed and evaluated the different outcomes with reasons including the materials properties. Year 3, also carried out an investigation this week. They identified and classified which materials are magnetic and why. They carried out research to back up their findings and by the end of the lesson they had some further questions they wished to answer. This learning will be continued after half term.

In Topic we worked in pairs to research a country in Asia. The children used fact files from the internet and their own research to answer questions on their countries population, religion, currency and language(s) spoken.

Unfortunately, we had our last dance session with Mrs Litchfield this week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions on a Tuesday and this week we managed to finish our class dance on machines. The children worked independently, in pairs and in small groups to create a representation of a machine and they have learnt so much in such a short space of time. We were sad to say goodbye to Mrs Litchfield from HSSP but I’m sure she’ll be back again sometime soon!

On Tuesday 11th February, it was Safer Internet Day and this year’s theme was ‘together for a better internet’. The children completed work on their identity, both online and offline and created their own poems in pairs about how to stay safe online. The children all knew how important it is to stay safe online and it was a great opportunity to share ways of making sure this happens all the time.

I hope you all have a great and restful week off.

Miss Connor

Jupiter Class Update
W.C. 03.02.20

This week in English we have learnt about instructional writing. The children first identified the features of instructions and where they might find them, before writing their own set of instructions for tying an obi (a belt for a kimono). They made sure to include imperative (bossy) verbs and careful step by step instructions clear enough for anyone to follow.

In Maths Year 3 continued to work with fractions this week. They answered addition and subtraction style questions and completed several problem and reasoning style questions. Whilst the majority of the Year 3 worked with fractions with the same denominator, some had a go at finding equivalent fractions first before adding and subtracting, which is very tricky! Year 2 spent the week recapping learning from this half term. They worked with money, practised methods for multiplication/division and reminded themselves of the strategies for addition/subtraction.

In Science Year 2 put their understanding of ‘suitability’ to the test by designing a boat ‘suitable’ for carrying a Lego figure across water. We discussed what the word ‘absorbent’ means and the children designed their boats based on what they thought would be the most waterproof and practical material. These boats will be created next week and the children will carry out their investigation to see if their ideas were right! This week Year 3 discussed the materials that they thought might be magnetic and why. They identified a list of the materials they would like to test ready for next week.

In Topic the children worked hard to understand the difference between urban and rural living. We compared our small village of Great Staughton to the enormous city of Shanghai. The children were amazed to see how other children and families live and they had great fun identifying the similarities and differences between the two. At the end of the lesson we shared where we would rather live and it was interesting to hear their responses. Some children liked the quieter rural environment whereas others wanted to go the busier urban cities to visit more shops etc.


I hope you're all having a great weekend,


Miss Connor

Jupiter Class Update
W.C. 27.01.20

This week we have continued to work with fractions in Maths. The children have found fractions of quantities, focussing mainly on non-unit fractions where the numerator is larger than 1, ordered fractions and they have worked hard to find equivalent fractions. Next week Year 2 will complete tasks that recap addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, whilst Year 3 continue to work with adding and subtracting fractions.


In English this week the children identified why Suki’s kimono is so special to her. They came up with some great reasons including “it was a special gift from her grandmother, it represents her culture and it makes her unique”.  Later on in the week, the children were encouraged to bring in something that they cherish. We discussed as a class why our items are special to us and independently the children wrote their own description of their most important object. They all worked hard to include adventurous vocabulary to create the best description.

In Science, Year 3 investigated what friction is and how it changes based on different surfaces. To study this further the children measured how far a toy car travelled when pushed off of a ramp onto different surfaces. By the end of the lesson (and investigation), they learnt that the more friction between an object and surface, the less distance it will travel. Year 2 used their knowledge of everyday materials this week to discuss the best material for a transporting a Lego figure across water. Next week, they will design their own method of transport, before creating their design and carrying out their investigation.


In Topic the children learnt about Chinese New Year. They used their research from last week’s homework and information from our visitor on Wednesday to answer questions on this special, annual event.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend,


Miss Connor

W.C. 20.01.20
Jupiter Class Update:

This week in English we first worked in groups to identify the features of non-chronological reports, before using research to write our own reports about Japanese kimonos. The children managed to include many of the key features including factual sentences, third person and present tense. We were also lucky to have some children bring some clothing into class which helped us visualise the elaborate designs discussed.

In Maths we started a new area of learning – fractions. The children created a fraction museum in pairs by showing representations for different fractions, mainly 2D shapes! Towards the end of the week, both Year 2 and Year 3 started to find fractions of quantities and next week both year groups will continue to practise this!

In Science Year 2 compared the suitability of everyday materials in preparation for a scientific test. Using their knowledge of properties, they had to describe why objects are made out of certain materials. Year 3 worked in pairs to investigate what magnets are and how they create a force. The children used their research to help them answer their scientific enquires and then they presented their findings at the end of the lesson to Year 2. This was a good opportunity for the children to gain some background understanding of magnets before investigating them practically in upcoming lessons.

In Topic the children carried our research on Sakura (cherry blossom) festival to understand when and how it is celebrated. The children are definitely enjoying our Topic of home and away this term.

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Jupiter Class Update
W.C. 13.01.20

This week in English we have enjoyed sharing and exploring the beginning of ‘Suki’s Kimono’. The children have worked hard to write their own predictions and inferences, compare and contrast main characters and work in pairs to create a description of a setting within the story. They worked collaboratively to edit their writing to find ways to improve and many children managed to include some fantastic, adventurous vocabulary and similes.


In Maths we have continued to practise measuring length. The children have compared and ordered lengths, found equivalent lengths between mm, cm and m, solved problems involving length and we finished the week by measuring the sides of simple 2D shapes. With this final task, Year 3 learnt about perimeter and all of them had calculating the perimeter once each side had been measured correctly. Some of the Year 2’s were even up for the challenge!

To begin their Science learning of ‘Everyday Materials’, Year 2 investigated where to find them around school. They recognised many objects that were made from the different materials and used their properties to describe their purpose. Many children identified how the windows were made from glass in order to be transparent and firm. To move our learning on the children explained verbally what other objects the everyday materials could be used for. Year 3, on the other hand, were learning about the forces of push and pull. They worked in pairs to decide what physical activities involved which force, before debating whether all forces need physical contact.

The children absolutely loved their first PE dance session with Hunts coach Mrs Litchfield. This linked fantastically to Year 3’s current Science topic as the children had to create a dance sequence using the three forces: push, pull and twist. The children worked in pairs to decide how to perform each move before working with Mrs Litchfield to practise and perform a whole class machine dance. These sessions with Mrs Litchfield will take part every Tuesday until February half term.

In Topic this week the children brought their cherry blossom sketches to life using paint. Although, many of us haven’t finished just yet, I was very impressed with the care and control the children had. We discussed using different shades and tones of pink to make the blossom look as realistic as possible.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Connor

Jupiter class update 
Week ending 10/01/20
The first two days of the new term were spent at Grafham Water where the children took part in variety of activities. Despite returning to school on Wednesday feeling rather tired, the children worked hard to complete recounts about their residential trip in English. In Maths, the children started to explore measurement, with a particular focus on measuring and recording length in mm, cm and m. We will continue this next week. On Friday morning, we were lucky enough to have an assembly which inspired lots of the children to learn how to play a musical instrument. In the afternoon we explored our new topic ‘Home and Away’ and the children learnt about Sakura which means cherry blossom in Japanese. They all had a go at sketching the blossom in their books before creating a final, mixed media piece of art in the next few weeks. 

W.C. 16.12.19
Jupiter Class Update:

Jupiter class had a fantastic final three days of term. We finished our DT embroidery, completed lots of Christmas activities, had a yummy Christmas lunch and had a brilliant reward day. A massive well done to the children for a fantastic Autumn Term!


I also would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all the lovely gifts. I’m always blown away by how generous everyone is. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in 2020.

Miss Connor

W.C 09.12.19
Jupiter class update:

The last full week before the Christmas holidays has been a busy one.
In English we completed our two week, Christmas inspired scheme of work on the 2014 John Lewis Christmas advent ‘Monty the penguin’. This week we focused on non-fiction writing and the children spent the beginning of the week researching facts about Adelie penguins, before going on to write their own information text. While some chose to write fact files, others decided to write a non-chronological report. By the end of the week, the children knew many facts about Adelie penguins including their diet, habitat and physical appearance. This also tied nicely into Year 2’s science learning of living things and their habitats.


In maths we spent this week learning how to tell the time. The children used their understanding of the 5 times table to read and record time on an analogue clock. Whilst year 2 focused on reading and recording the time in 15 minute increments (o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to), year 3 practised reading and recording the time in 5 minute increments. It was great to see the children understanding when to read the minutes ‘past’ the hour or ‘to’ the next hour and understanding when AM and PM is used. Parents, it would be wonderful if the children could continue practising this over the Christmas holidays and into the New Year!

We have also completed our Tudor embroidery stitching this week. The children worked so hard following the lines to create their finished Tudor rose or Fleur de Lys and they look fantastic! Finished photos of these to come next week! We also designed and created our own party hats for the Christmas lunch on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Connor

W.C. 09.12.19

Jupiter Class update
W.C. 02.12.19

Wow, this week has flown by! In english we started and completed one half of our two week, Christmas inspired scheme of work on the 2014 John Lewis Christmas advent ‘Monty the penguin’. The children were asked to ask and answer questions based on the story in the fictional video and write in role as the young boy to complete a diary entry and a persuasive letter. We teased the children by only showing them half of the clip and they were excited to finally see what happened and whether their predictions were correct. Next week we will be focusing on non-fiction texts and writing reports and information texts.

In maths we have continued to focus on multiplication and division this week but with an emphasis on reasoning and problem solving. While Year 2 used their understanding of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to solve problems, year 3 used their knowledge of the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Next week we will be learning to tell the time in 15, 10 and 5 minute increments.

In science year 3 have explored how shadows are formed from light being blocked. On Thursday they set up their own investigation in small groups to recognise patterns between the d