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Week Commencing 27th January 2020

Week commencing 27th January 2020


This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year in Mars Class! We learnt all about the celebration including how it began and how it is celebrated now. We were also lucky enough to have a Grandmother from Hong Kong come and share her experience of Chinese New Year with the children. She even brought in some decorations, books and clothing for the children to explore. The children created dragon puppets, masks and lanterns to mark the occasion!


In topic this week we learnt all about the UK’s parliament, democracy (linking in with British Values) and how voting works. The children learnt that we have different political parties that try to win votes with their leader becoming Prime Minister if their party wins. Year 1 then worked in small groups to come up with their own party and planned and changes they would make or laws they would introduce. These included things like more schools, cleaner parks, more people to work in hospitals and more police (to stop the bad guys!). Each party had a leader to represent them who outlined their parties plans to the rest of the class. We all then took part in a vote with a trip to our makeshift polling station to elect our new Prime Minister!