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Little Stars 2021 - 2022

Little Stars is our school nursery taking children aged 2-4 years old. Mrs Hampson is our class teacher, and Mrs Nash and Mrs Arachchige are our teaching assistants. We are very lucky to have our own nursery building complete with an outside area. We play outside come rain or shine and enjoy exploring the school grounds. The ethos of our class is to develop happy, confident and independent learners who are willing to try their best and find success in their everyday learning. Every child is unique and we aim to tailor lessons to the individual needs of the children.


On this page you can find updates about our learning and any special adventures we have been on. We hope you enjoy reading about our learning journey!

Autumn Term

Little Stars Week Commencing 29th November 2021 🌟 


This week in Little Stars we have been reading the story “The Gingerbread Man”. There was lots of discussion about what happened in the story, the order in which the events happened and even about whether we thought the story could have ended differently if the gingerbread man had behaved in a different way.


This week we also made, decorated and ate our very own gingerbread men! We talked about how we needed to follow a recipe and worked together to weigh out the ingredients. We each had a turn at mixing them together, rolling the dough and using a special cutter to create the shape before baking them in the oven. I’m sure you’ll agree the gingerbread men look superb! 


In maths we thought about patterns and we created them in different ways including colour patterns, picture patterns and even sound patterns! 


This week we also made bird feeders from pine cones, bird seed and suet to look after our resident robin. The children followed the instructions wonderfully and chose where to hang them in the garden. 

Thank you for a lovely week Little Stars! 💫

Week Commencing 22nd November 2021 ⭐️ 


It’s been another week full of learning in Little Stars! This week our focus story was The Billy Goats Gruff. 🐐 


One of the ways we explored the story was through music. 🎶 Each of the children chose a character from the story and together we chose an instrument the we thought matched that characters personality. Two of the children had the very special job of chiming the triangle and glockenspiel each time we turned a page whilst everyone else played their instruments when we came across their character in the story. Mrs Lee and I were so impressed with how well the children listened and joined in! 


This week we have also been making troll faces from the loose parts, making a bridge to retell the story and colouring in the characters from the book. Alongside this we have been role playing in our hairdressers, ordering ourselves according to our height and safely finding different ways to move across a bench (aka a bridge!) to stop the troll catching us! 


Thank you for a lovely week Little Stars! 🌟

Week Commencing 15th November 2021 


This week in Little Stars our learning was based around the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. To begin we explored some props from the story and talked about what we already knew. Over the week we read the story and re-told it using stick puppets. We even had some fruit topped porridge for our morning snack! 

In maths we talked about the different sizes in the story, small, medium and large. We explored ordering different sized objects and even received a letter from Goldilocks telling us she had hidden items for us to order by size outside. Once we had sorted them we went inside to find she had left a teddy bear snack for us to make! As you can see from the children’s chocolate covered faces, they enjoyed their snacks very much! 

For our physical development this week we went into the hall and explored moving to music. One of the activities included moving to Bjork’s song ‘It’s oh so quiet’. When the music was quiet we crept around the room, and then it was loud we used big, loud movements. We also used the trim trail and the children really impressed me with how well they listened and how sensible they were on the equipment. 


Well done Little Stars!

Week Commencing 8th November 2021


We had a very busy week in nursery! This week we focussed on the story The Three Little Pigs. We read the story, re-told the story using puppets and explored the materials the house was made from. We then explored sharing food equally between the three little pigs using words such as the same, equal, less than, more than, fewer and greater. The children were super at recognising if the way I had shared the food was fair or not. The children also worked in teams to build a house for one of the pigs.


We also spent some time thinking about Remembrance Day and the children created some beautiful poppies in the provision as well as a lovely wreath for the remembrance service. 


Alongside all of this we also spent lots of time outdoors, helped to prepare and clean up after our snacks, read stories, sang songs and so much more!

Week Commencing 4th October


We’ve had another busy but super fun week in nursery! On Monday the children each made a shaker and chose what they’d like to pop inside their container. We explored the different sounds each of the objects made and used some fantastic words to describe these. We then had lots of fun making loud and quiet sounds.

In maths this week we have been matching! We went on a numicon hunt and had to select the numicon pieces that were the same as the one we had been given. There was lots of wonderful talk about the colours we had as well as what number our pieces represented. We also had to match up all of our wellies after we found them all mixed up in the cloak room!


This week the children also had a PE session in the hall where we talked about the different types of balls used in different sports. After a warm up we then explored different ways of moving a ball around our bodies and even practised rolling it to a partner! We then made sure to cool down before returning to the nursery.

Our rhyme of the week was ‘Dingle, Dangle, Scarecrow’ and the children have practised singing this everyday ready for our harvest service on Monday.


On Friday the children participated in Forest School with Mars Class. The children learnt all about spiders, how they can live anywhere in the world and that they have amazing, intricate webs. The children then helped to make make their own spiders web and had to manoeuvre themselves through it! 


Watch this space for even more learning next week!

Week commencing 27th September


What a super week we had in nursery! In maths we have been singing lots of counting songs as well as learning all about patterns. We practised making a repeating pattern using numicon pegs and talked about the colours we were using.


We have also been learning all about Autumn! Over the week we explored all the Autumn treasures the children had collected with their families as well as finding some of our own in the school grounds. We were so excited to find the wind had blown lots of conkers off the tree for us to collect. We talked about the leaves changing colour and falling from the tree. This led to some super Autumnal artwork using paint and conkers to create our very own trees!


Little Stars also went on their very first library visit and each chose a book to borrow for the week. We talked about how to take care of books and enjoyed some quiet time reading too.


We have played and learnt so much, we can’t wait to see what next week brings!