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House Points & Awards

House Points

House points encourage and reward individual's hard work and effort in their school work; they also help to develop a sense of shared ownership and pride in their house.


Housepoints are a reward given to children for work, effort or attitude which exceeds normal expectations. When a house point is given it is recorded by the teacher and each week these points are totalled to give a score for each house.  Year 6 housepoint monitors collect the scores ready for sharing in assembly on Thursday.  If a child has filled a section of their housepoint card then their name is called out in assembly on Thursday and they receive a certificate to take home.

The children will have the chance to receive 5 different certificates, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.


The pupils at Great Staughton Primary school are in three houses.  These houses were chosen during the Olympic year and they celebrate some of our most outstanding sports personalities.


Ennis (after Jessica Ennis)

Pearson (after Lee Pearson)

Wiggins (after Bradley Wiggins)


Worker of the Week

Each week every class teacher chooses a Worker of the Week; these are given for determination, perseverance, enjoyment, resilience and social skills above or beyond normal expectations.  Children receive a certificate in assembly and a copy of the certificate is displayed in the hall.


Classes take turns to choose both a 5 Star Learner and a person deserving of the Kindness & Caring Award, awards are presented in our Thursday celebration assembly.