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Great Staughton Primary Academy PTA messages


“Thank you to everyone who has contributed to raising funds for the school, whether it has been baking or getting involved by helping on a stall, bringing in raffle prizes, teddies or a bottle! We really appreciate all your support. The best thing is that the children at the school benefit from the money raised!


We look forward to seeing you at the next event or meeting.  Our AGM is on Thursday 7th October 2021, via Zoom and we really hope to see you then.  Please contact the office if you would like details of the Zoom meeting"

The PTA at Great Staughton School encompasses all parents, relatives and friends of Great Staughton School.


Our aim is to enhance the lives of the children by organising fundraising and social events. With the changes that have happened in education, parents are playing an increasingly large part in the lives of their children at school.  We hope our PTA can best assist by bringing together all the needs of the children, parents and staff and seeking the best way to meet them.

The PTA is run by a committee of parents and teachers and we work closely with all staff.  Fundraising is the largest part of what we do.  Most recently we have raised funds for new Laptops, Year 6 leavers hoodies and giant garden games used for reward day.  In addition, a lot of our efforts go towards books, we have recently bought some new diverse books for the schools library and classroom equipment as well as funding and organising children’s discos and parties.

Organising events gives the children, parents and staff the opportunity to meet together socially.  Whilst the last couple of years have been strange with us not being able to host many events, we have previous had a Village Gala Day and Fashion Show, but we also organise Cake Sales, Bun Days, plant sales - to name but a few.  We are lucky to have an excellent committee and lots of support from parents and friends of the school but always welcome new members at any time.


If you would like to contact the PTA please use the link below.