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Home Learning Projects

Everyone was set a task to complete a home learning project during the Spring Term.  The content of the project was decided by each individual pupil.  This page, on the school website, is where some of the completed projects are shared.  Take a look at the work uploaded on this page.

Before looking at the project, think about what you already know about the subject.  Look at the project.  Think about what you have learnt from looking at the work.

Tilly (Y6)

This project shares information about Australian wildfires.

The contents page has been hyperlinked, so you can skip to an area of interest if you wish.

Additional to the PowerPoint, Tilly made an Australian wildfire model.

Megan (Y6)

Megan's project work is based on Antarctia.  She has produced a document that shares information including: famous expeditions, animals, living in Antarctica and explorers.

It is great to see that this project is linked to work completed during the Spring Term at school.

Megan has also completed a project on volcanoes.  This work is an extension to a home learning task set during our school closure.  

Emily (Y6)

This project work shares some information about Antarctica.  This includes some of the research completed in school (during the Spring Term), as well as additional information gathered at home.

Emily's main Spring Term project was about Ancient Greece.  This PowerPoint shares information about the Olympics, life within a Greek family, homes and food.

Evan (Y5)

This project shares information about Roald Dahl.  Evan has presented his work on large sheets of paper adding a very Roald Dahl feel to his work.

Information covers: facts about Roald Dahl, his days in the RAF, the Roald Dahl museum and some of his published books.

Charlotte (Y5)

This project shares information about the weird and wonderful species in Australia.

Charlotte has presented her work as a booklet, the format has been set to be correct when printed double sided.  Keep an eye out for the page number at the corner of the pages when looking at this work in the PDF format.

Isabel (Y5)

This project shares information about Mary Anning and her amazing discoveries.

Isabel has produced a PowerPoint as well as a quiz for you to take (if you're ready for a challenge!).

Jacob (Y5)

This project shares information about the fall of the Berlin Wall.  This is of interest to Jacob, as he has visited Germany and spent time where the wall used to be.

He has made an information booklet as well as a DT model.

Maddie (Y4)

This PowerPoint shares information about the Romans.  Maddie has researched facts and shared some her of findings in this non-fiction piece of work.

Mason (Y4)

This home learning project is based on Seas and Oceans of the World.

Mason has located and named 56 seas.  He has also created a collage, using mixed materials, showing a setting under water.

Austin (Y4)

This project work is based on Antarctica.  Some of the content shared in this project was researched in school, but Austin has created this PowerPoint expanding on facts for his Spring Term project.  Some of the content includes: discovery of Antarctica, clothing, food and animals.