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Our Vision for Science at Great Staughton


Teachers will be enthusiastic and have excellent subject knowledge.  Pupils will demonstrate an understanding of our world and will develop curiosity about how and why things happen.  Children will be engaged and encouraged to be independent in their Science learning.  Teachers will provide accessible, interesting and differentiated activities for all areas of Science to ensure full engagement.  Over time, children will develop an inquisitive approach, make cross-curricular links and progression will be evident from Reception to Year 6.  Science will be as important in our school as any other core subject.  Children will be able to work alongside one another effectively and some will take on leadership roles. 

Our principes for good Science learning

Have a look at some Science videos from Mars Class by clicking on the link below!

British Science Week 2018 - we were lucky enough to welcome 3 scientists from Unilever into school today to help us celebrate the start of British Science Week!

Please meet our new Science ambassadors!