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Take the time to explore this page to find out about the Jupiter children creative journey. We will be updating this page to show what we are finding inspiring, our sketchbooks and our creations.


This term our focus was printing. We spent time looking at the artist Zandra Rhodes and discussed the colours and patterns she used within her work. We spent some time practicing our printing skills using polystyrene and creating our patterns in this, then rolling paint to create our print. Then we moved onto using Lino. We practiced the skill of carving patterns into Lino, as this is a very tricky skill! Then we moved onto carving our Zandra Rhodes inspired pattern into the Lino. We then chose our colours and printed using our Lino tiles.  


This half term we have been looking at form in art and became inspired to create their own Death Masks similar to Tutankhamun. The children then got to wear their Death Masks on our Egyptian Topic Day.

We also created our own independent Art projects, linked to the skill Art through Technology. The theme was 'protest' and we spent time researching different artists, including Banksy. We then decided what we wanted to protest, the Art we were going to create for our protest, and how we would show our protest. We had many different ideas such as new school uniform, the new uniform was created out of materials, and then a catwalk was filmed to show them off. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


This half term we have been looking at textile in art and became inspired by the artist Anni Albers. The children have practiced using different materials to create a loom and practiced weaving for different effects.

Creative Week

After reading The Barnabus Project, we were inspired to design and create our own 'failed projects'. We sketched our hybrid animals in our sketchbooks and then using a range of materials created them. We also designed a habitat especially for our failed projects.