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Rainbow Flag (Kite Trust)

We celebrate our diverse society, believing that everyone is equal and we should be respected.  The books that we use in school cover this part of our curriculum in an age-appropriate way.  Please click on a book cover to enlarge the image to see the cover and blurb.

Some comments from children on our Rainbow Flag work


Whatever your family set up is, we should always respect one another.


You can be whoever you want to be.


It doesn't matter who you love, what you look like or who you are.  You can do what you want.


It doesn't matter who or what you are, we are all the same.


All families are different and therefore deserve to be treated equally regardless of the family set up.


No matter what skin colour you have or who you are attracted to, you should all have equal respect.


You can love who you love, don't change anything for anybody to like you.  You are your own blooming flower.

Examples of classroom displays

Year 6 children sharing books with Mars class

Children's word wall

Book Reviews


Reviewed by RC

This book is all about different people.  Some people are a different colour.  Some people need help so they have a guide dog.  Some people have two mums or two dads.  It is telling you we are all different and we do not need to be the same.  We are who we are!

I review this book at 5/5

It is so good.  It explains to younger children that we are all different and not all the same.  That is what makes us special and important.


Reviewed by MM

King & King is a book about a prince that wants to marry a man when his mother tells him he needs to get married. I think that this book is amazing. It really explains how it is okay to want to marry another boy. It doesn’t matter who you want to marry as long as you are happy and this book really shows this.

This book is also very respectful because it shows that the author really supports the LGBTQ+ community.

You do have to be very understanding like the Queen in this book who doesn’t disrespect their love to one another and eventually she lets them get married and they take over the kingdom.

I would rate this book on a scale of one to ten a bold 10!


Reviewed by JS

This is a really good book because it really shows how not judge people by their outer clothing. They still have the same human features as everybody else. It also explains the story to younger children in a nice way not a grown up way.

This book is about a blue crayon that has a label saying red on the wrapping. All the other crayons think that he is the colour red but he is blue.  However, blue does not want to be like a red crayon he wants to be blue.


(Spoiler alert!)

My favourite part is when all the colours understand that he is blue and how much they regret thinking blue is red.