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Welcome to the Saturn Class page!

Saturn class is a mix of year 5 and year 6 children.

Ms Smith is our class teacher but Mrs Tickle takes us for Forest School sessions and Mrs Griffiths teaches us on Friday mornings. We are also supported by Miss Preston and Mrs Wiseman (TAs).


The ethos of our class is to develop confident and independent individuals who are ready to tackle the challenges of school life and be active citizens in the wider world. Through high expectations and adaptive teaching to meet individual needs, we nurture personal and academic progress for children.


On this page, you can find updates about our learning and special activities that we take part in.

Saturn Class 2023.2024

Autumn Term

Week ending 22/09/23


This week, in our English lessons, the children have been practising using the subjunctive form, modal verbs, superlatives and persuasive devices, ready for letter writing. Next week, they will be writing to Mrs Whiting, to apply for roles of responsibility within the school. 


Medieval knights and peasants have been the focus of our topic lessons. The children researched a lot of information about them in order to produce a non-chronological report and a more creative piece of writing in a 'Horrible Histories' style. We've reached the conclusion that you wouldn't want to be either!


On Wednesday, half of Saturn class took part in a Faith Tour: visiting a mosque and a gurdwara in Bedford. I've been told that it was a really enjoyable day - the children particularly liked having the chance to experience these places of worship first-hand.


The year fives had their first Forest School afternoon of this academic year. Mrs Tickle must have been very impressed by their attitude and behaviour, as they all earnt themselves two house points! I wonder if the year sixes will do as well next week...


On Friday morning, the year six children enjoyed another successful training session, and are all well on their way to becoming excellent sports leaders - the younger children are already enjoying the games and activities that are being set up for them at lunchtimes.

Week ending 08/09/23


Welcome back to school! Our new year six children are looking fantastically smart and proud (and suddenly much older!) in their blue uniforms. They have made a responsible start to the year and are already setting an excellent example for the rest of the school. The year fives have stepped up to the challenge of being amongst the oldest children in the school and I predict that we will have an exceptional year.


This week has been creative week and Great Staughton children have all been examining 'In Our Hands' by Lucy Farfort. In Saturn Class, we have analysed and explored the text and illustrations, focusing on our inference skills. We have embraced the theme of creating change in communities, and have thought about ways of improving the school environment as well as how we might spark change in the the wider world. We have taken inspiration from Lucy Farfort's pencil and watercolour illustrations to create our own artwork which expresses the changes we would like to help make.


The children enjoyed working collaboratively to solve mathematical problems, focusing on place value and number operations. We also began work on our topic (Travelling through Time), where we will be studying English history between 1066 and 1901. We thought about what we already know about the Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian and Victorian eras. Some of our more avid historians reminded us of our previous learning and gave us a glimpse of what we will be exploring in more detail this term.