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SATURN CLASS 2022.2023

Year 5 and Year 6


We are all looking forward to children returning to school for the Autumn Term.  We will welcome everyone in Saturn back with a creative week to introduce our topic of The Marvellous Mayans and also a PSHE based booked called 'The Barnabus Project' by The Fan Brothers.


In Saturn class Mr Nelson will remain as the class teacher with Ms Smith as our HLTA.  Mrs Wiseman also returns for the morning or the afternoon each day throughout the week and we welcome Mr Brunning to Saturn class.  


Week Ending 30th September 2022


In maths, Saturn class have been consolidating their knowledge of place value by rounding, ordering and comparing numbers up to 1,000,000. They also completed problem solving activities on this topic. In English, we finished our story of Rain Player by writing a news report; focusing on direct and indirect (reported) speech. In Science, we continued to work on classification by examining and classifying creatures from the Indian Ocean.  We also celebrated European day of languages, where we learned about the languages of different European countries.  Our photographs this week so children demonstrating The Ten Commandments (covered in our RE lesson) and who these shape our lives.

Week Ending 23rd September 2022


Saturn class were introduced to the Rain Player.  This is a Mayan book includes the Pok-a-Tok sport, where a young ball-player called Pik plays against a fierce rain god.  We wrote instructions for Pok-a-Tok as well as set guidelines for the Mayan civilisation.  In maths, Y5 continued their work on place value and Y6 went through their assessment papers; identifying strengths and areas for development.  In science, we continued our work on classification looking at different living things and being introduced to the Linnaean classification system.  In DT we made tortillas and ate them!

Week Ending 16th September 2022


This week, Y6 completed base line assessments for SATs.  This covered reading, SPAG and maths.  Y5 children consolidated their understanding of place value in maths and covered some writing tasks based on roles of responsibility as well as writing linked to topic.  In science we all started our work on classification.  This included having to classify different sweets and naming them.  We also started work on a Mayan theme for DT that was preparing ourselves for some cooking tasks.  During the week, some children took part in a DLPT sports event – celebrating how sport keeps us healthy.

Week Ending 9th September 2022


This week, our children returned to school for our annual creative week to start the academic year.  We started to look at our topic The Marvellous Mayans.  We completed some independent research, worked on chronology with time lines and upscaled images of Mayans in art (being a human photocopier).  Children also experienced the Mayan sport of Pok-a-Tok.  This was a lot trickier than it first seemed! We rounded off the week looking at the book The Barnabus Project.  This book shared how we can feel like a failure but by working together and acknowledging our own strengths, we can overcome obstacles!