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SATURN CLASS 2020.2021

We are all looking forward to all children returning to school for the Autumn Term.  We will be starting the term with a whole school project, all children will complete work based on 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.

In Saturn class Mr Nelson will remain as the class teacher with Ms Smith as our HLTA.

For this term, Saturn and Pluto have been set up differently (following government guidelines).  Expectations and procedures will be shared with the children on the first day of school. 

We understand that some learners have not been in school for quite some time, so we are approaching the first few weeks slightly differently to a 'normal' return to school.

We hope that you have all had a restful break over the summer and are looking forward to returning to learning within your classrooms.

Week Ending 16th October

In English this week we have concentrated on grammar tasks that were identified as an area for development through our recovery curriculum.  We completed tasks as a whole class and we split the years for some guided writing activities.  In maths Year 4 and Year 5 children continued working on their addition and subtraction skills, where Year 6 children focused more on multi-step problems for adding and subtracting using reasoning and problem solving skills.



In science Year 4 and Year 5 started working on sorting different livings - using Venn and Carroll diagrams.  In Year 6 children started their work on classification.

We concluded our work on mental health and emotions in PSHE.  This is also the basis of our homework task for this week.  In topic we looked at Shang artefacts and in art we continued our drawing skills based on dragon sketching.


Please remember that next week is Bike Ability for Year 4 and Year 5 children.  This will run from Monday to Thursday.  We can facilitate keeping bicycles safe over night if they cannot go home daily (especially for children who use the school bus).

Week Ending 9th October

This week in Saturn we spent the first few sessions completing some shared writing based on tasks that have been previously taught.  This provided the children the opportunity to work with others and be led by an adult to consolidate writing skills (based on our recovery curriculum).  We also used our first homework task to complete some poetry work.  In maths all children have moved onto addition and subtraction calculations.  We have split the class, so children can work within their year group expectations.  In topic, we have looked at divination and how we know facts about the Shang dynasty.  Our art has been based on sketching skills and using images of dragons to help develop our skills.

It was an exciting week for Year 6 children as we heard all of their speeches for important leadership roles and we have appointed roles (decided by staff with consideration of our children's votes).

We concluded the week with acknowledging our Harvest Festival.  As circumstances have changed, since being back in school, we have produced a school virtual celebration.  This should be shared with you all soon.


Week Ending 2nd October

This week in Saturn children we have continued our work on ‘The Willow Pattern Story’.  We have written an alternate ending to the fable, thought about what life would be like if we were transformed into a different creature for a day and spent some time celebrating National Poetry Day.  In maths all children have continued their learning on number and place value.  Year 4 children have estimated numbers, used addition and subtraction with multiples of 10 and completed some reasoning tasks.  Year 5 and 6 children have consolidated rounding numbers as well as worked with negative numbers – focusing on fluency and reasoning.  In science children have completed ‘recovery curriculum’ for plants (Y4) and sound (Y5.6).

Homework this week is slightly different, please use the PowerPoint found on our home learning page or use the icon at the top of this page.

Week Ending 25th September

This week in Saturn children we have looked at the fable ‘The Willow Pattern Story’ in our English lessons.  This has a topic focus and children have become familiar with different versions of the same story. We have made comparisons and stated preferences.  In maths, we are all consolidating our learning on place value – looking at numbers, ordering numbers and completing mainly arithmetic work.  Our Shang dynasty work this week has been based on life during this time and acknowledging the hierarchy of people and what was life like for them.  Our PSHE work for this week has been based on mental health and emotions.

Week Ending 18th September:

This week in Saturn children have completed assessments for reading, SPAG, writing and maths.  These assessments will inform us of successes that can be celebrated as well as identify areas of learning that can be included within our recovery curriculum.

Our PSHE work on 'Here We Are' continued this week.  We looked at how wonderful the world is, how our perceptions of the world may have changed in the last sic months and how diversity can bring strength to us all.

We also started our topic 'Shang dynasty'.  We completed map work, using an atlas, as thought about when this era took place as well as what it might have been like.


Week Ending 11th September

Welcome back everyone!! It's absolutely brilliant to be able to allow all children back into school.  This week we started with focusing on the impact on COVID-19 and home learning.  We discussed the importance of making sure that we keep ourselves as safe as possible and how this helps our whole school community.

This week our learning has been focused mainly on our whole school project (Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers).  This book shares life on Earth and how we all contribute to our amazing planet.  We have thought about what relationships we have we people and why they are important to us.  We have also thought about the positive impact lock down has had on our environment (e.g. less pollution) and how as life returns slowly back to normal we can continue protecting and looking after our environment.

We enjoyed being outside this week completing some forest school activities as well as spending Thursday afternoon on the main field for our PE lesson with Mrs Griffiths.

We concluded the week with a few assessments, so we can check the children's current understanding with arithmetic and spelling.

PowerPoint to share with children before returning to school. This will also be shared on the first day of school in class.