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Welcome to Jupiter Class! 

In Jupiter class Miss Smith will be the class teacher with Mrs Tickle as the class TA and Mrs Wiseman will be joining Jupiter in the afternoons as an additional TA. 

Our ethos in class is to always respect each other, have a growth mindset and have fun! 




Jupiter Class WB 12th July:

In Maths this week we have been completing problem solving activities linked to our four operations. We have been using our teamwork skills to help each other with these. In English we have planned and written a letter to our future class mates and what we are looking forward to in our new class or with our new class mates. We also planned and wrote a fact file all about Jupiter for the younger children in school. We had our two PE sessions, one with Mrs Marriot where we worked on our passing and batting skills. In our PE lesson where we are working on our football skills, we focused on our passing and shooting skills. We had our transition sessions this week and the Year 3's got to spend some time with Mr Nelson and Ms Smith ready for next year. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

W.B 5th July- Jupiter class

In Maths this week we reviewed our assessment papers. In English we focused on suffixes and prefixes, and the different spelling rules that we need to remember. In music we demonstrated our skills with our boomwhackers with Mrs Tickle. In DT we worked in our groups and finally created our robot inventions. We created these using junk modelling. Finally on Friday it was sports day, we were so impressed with the effort and enthusiasm from the children!

Jupiter Class W.B 28th June

In Jupiter class we have had our SAWG week (Science, Art, Writing and Geography). Our theme was volcanoes and desert islands. At the beginning of the week, we wrote a message in a bottle as we were stranded on a desert island. In our Geography lesson we were looking at how a volcano is formed, and labelling volcanoes. In groups we created our own volcanoes. We used papier mache, then painted them. In our Science lesson we planned our experiment and decided which method we would use to erupt our volcanoes, and then on Friday we erupted them!! We were also lucky enough to be selected for a PE lesson with Nic from R&D Coaching (Thank you Alia Sheik Klyn for applying for this!) We worked on our athletic skills. As well as this we had our session with HSSP working on our tennis skills:) 

Jupiter Class W.B 21st June:

This week has been our Summer Term assessment week. All children completed reading, SPAG and maths papers. We will be celebrating our successes, and we will also identify areas we need to concentrate on. On Monday we had a muddy forest school session with Mrs Tickle, making our own seed bombs! The children had so much fun! We also worked on our Geography skills where we consolidated our learning of using compasses and locational vocabulary. On Friday we had a full morning of PE with Mrs Griffiths!

Jupiter W.B 14th June

We have been working hard in Jupiter class this week! In Maths we were consolidating our understanding of place value, money and using the inverse. In English we focused on explanation texts. We planned and wrote our own explanation text with the title 'How do robots work?' In our PE session we carried on improving our football skills, this time focusing on passing the ball to each other. On Tuesday it was our Young Voices performance, we were all super excited and ready to sing and sign! The children had worked so hard at practicing the signing and singing, we were all very impressed!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and fingers crossed the weather improves! :) 

Jupiter Class W.C 7th June

In Maths we were finishing our work with measurement. We focused on mass, capacity and comparing measurements. We ensured we knew how to read scales accurately.

In English we focused on our SPAG, we looked at expanded noun phrases, adverbs(Y3), past and present, conjunctions and plurals.

We had two great PE session, one was our first tennis session with Mrs Marriot which was focusing on controlling the ball. The other was our first football session which focused on dribbling the ball.

We have also been practicing our singing and signing for Young Voices, which will take part on Tuesday. The link is on our school website if you would like to practice. :)

Jupiter Class W.B 17th May

In Maths this week we have been carrying on our work with measurement. We have looked at working out the perimeter, and completing sums using the four operations.

In English we have continued reading to The Iron Man and discussed the new characters we have been introduced to.

On Monday we had our first trip, Mrs Tickle took us out to collect a selection on wild flowers and grasses. With these we created our own piece of Art work using what we had collected.

We also had our last cricket session, where we perfected our catching skills and played a short round of cricket.

Hope you have a great weekend:)

Jupiter Class W.B 10th May: We had a fab start to our week with our Robot Lego Challenge. We worked on our team work skills, coding and building. Then in Maths this week we have started looking at measurement, specifically length. We have spent time making sensible estimates and then checking by measuring objects using metric (mm and cm) and non- metric (hand span, finger spaces etc).

In English we have been looking at adverts and persuasive language. We planned and created our own advert for The Iron Man, highlighting his skills and abilities.

We had another cricket session where they were working on their catching skills.

We have looked at our new unit in PSHE where we are focusing on a healthy balanced lifestyle, and in DT we have started our market research and created our own questionnaires to help us research our new robot inventions.

Have a lovely weekend:)

Jupiter Class W.B 3rd May

In English this week we continued our work with The Iron Man. We listened to part of chapter three, and made notes of the key points. We then planned and wrote our own news article.

In Maths we finished our work with Fractions. The year 2s focused on finding three quarters and equal groups. The year 3s focused on adding and subtracting fractions, and fractions on a number line. This week it was Maths Day and Number Day, we spent Friday afternoon discussing how Maths is all around us, and we completed a variety of Maths activities.

We had another Chance to Shine cricket session, and in our second PE session we focused on our throwing skills. The children came up with their own games that allowed them to practice skills they felt they needed to work on.

We ended our week going to see the new addition to our school, Professor H Chestnut!

We have a very exciting day planned on Monday that the children are not aware of, we look forward to revealing all Monday morning!

Have a lovely weekend :)

W.B 26th April.

In Maths last week we continued our work on fractions and looked specifically at equivalent fractions and finding different amounts. In English, we worked on our diary writing skills by writing in character as Hogarth covering the events from Chapter 2 of ‘The Iron Man.’ In RE, we looked at the five pillars of Islam. In Science, we looked at the different parts of a flower. We dissected Tulips and labelled them. We also had another cricket session working on our batting skills.

WB 19th April:

We had a busy week getting back into our normal timetable. In Maths we are looking at fractions in more depth. We focused on unit and non- unit fractions and problem- solving activities to show our understanding. In English we have started a new book called 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. We read chapter one and started to describe The Iron Man using similes and metaphors, and we enjoyed our lesson on Friday where we imagined we were the Iron Man and completed a hot seat activity.

We started our DT lessons for this term, we will be designing and creating our own inventions and taking them to our own Dragons Den!

We also took part in the National Skipping Week challenge, where we had to complete as much skipping as we could within ten minutes.

Week commencing 12th April:

We have been so happy to have Jupiter class back! This week we spent two days looking at our new topic, and the other two focusing on our new science unit.

Our topic this term is Inventions and Robots. We spent time looking at inventions within the last 100 years and created a timeline. We also created our own piece of Art inspire by Kandinsky. We created this using paint and on the computer using the program paint.

For Science we introduced our new unit of work which is plants. In groups we came up with our own investigation into growing the tallest ‘beanstalk’!

We had lots of discussions about what our ‘beanstalk’ will need and how we can make this a fair investigation.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Jupiter class: Week commencing 22/3/21

At the beginning of this week we discussed our papers from assessment week. On Monday we had our Easter service via Zoom with reverend Nikki.

We completed our science units for this term, everyday materials for Y2 and forces and magnets for Y3. In our English lessons this week we wrote our own poems based on Spring and Easter, ensuring we were using rhyming couplets.

Then on Friday we had a fabulous reward day! We had our Easter egg hunt, baked our chocolate nests, decorated eggs and finished the day with a movie and some treats.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter and restful break :) 

Week Beginning 15th March

This week children completed reading, Maths and SPAG papers to identify possible gaps. The children worked so hard and we are very proud of them! We have also started benchmarking and some children have moved reading bands!

As well as these papers, we created our own spring collage using natural materials. Also, on Monday we had a fab forest school session with Mrs Tickle, where we had fun exploring.

Finally on Friday we celebrated Comic Relief with some activities during the afternoon. We had our own class disco, and shared some of our funniest jokes.

Week Ending 12th March:

Jupiter Class: Wow what a busy first week! We have loved having the children back and being together again. :) For the first two days we focused on our wellbeing and PSHE sessions, within these we discussed our feelings and created pieces of Art to present our feelings. We also spent time outside making our Divas. Since Wednesday we have been celebrating British Science Week, the theme this year is Innovating the Future. We carried out four different investigations/experiments. These were:

  • Does the appearance of food affect the taste?

  • Split light into different colours.

  • Herd Immunity Jenga.

  • Visualising classrooms of the future.

We also had two PE sessions. On Wednesday we had our session with Mrs Marriot, where we worked on our ball skills. Then on Thursday we used the skills we gained to create our own games- although the wind made this tricky!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and Happy Mother's Day! :)

Spring Term 1- 

We've had a very busy term of home learning over the last few weeks. We have been so impressed and are extremely proud of the children and all their hard work. Here are a few highlights...


We have been practicing our times tables, learning to tell the time, counting in Punjabi, focusing on our Topic of India by comparing India and where we live, creating Henna designs, learning about Indian music, enjoying our PE sessions, learning about the properties of different materials, writing newspaper articles, focusing on recounts, creating our own poems based on India, listening to stories, playing in the snow and lots more! 


We are looking forward to having you all back as soon as we can! 



Week Ending 18th December:

What a busy last week of term we have had in Jupiter class! We celebrated Christingle by making our own and partaking in the Ely cathedral Christingle service. After watching the live stream we all went out to the playground to light our Christingle and sing songs. On Tuesday we shared our homework projects with each other, we are so impressed with all of the hard work you have all put into these projects- well done! On Wednesday we had our yummy Christmas lunch. On Thursday we had our last Tri-Golf lesson, we have loved these lessons! We filmed our play script performance using our stick puppets inspired by Fair’s Fair. We also wrote our own Christmas Kenning poems which we put in our Christmas cards. Finally, we had a fun filled reward day- making lots of Christmas crafts, watching Christmas films and playing some Christmas games. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a restful break! :)

Week Ending 11th December:

In English this week we have been creating our own play script linking with the text Fair's Fair. We also created our own stick puppets of the characters so we can perform our play. In Maths we have been focusing on multiplication, specifically with word problems and different ways to show multiplication. We had a lovely Monday afternoon creating our Christmas stars in Forest School with Mrs Tickle. Gentle reminder that this is the last weekend to work on homework projects as it needs to be handed in on Tuesday. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. :)



Weekend Ending 4th December:

Another busy week in Jupiter class! In Maths we spent the first half of the week reviewing our tests from assessment week, and then we have started working on equal groups using multiplication. In English we have been looking at speech marks and writing our own piece of dialogue linked to the story Fair's Fair. We had another Tri golf lessons, this week on the field. Well done Jupiter:) Have a lovely weekend.

Week ending 27th November:

A huge well done to Jupiter class this week! It was assessment week and we completed Maths, Reading and SPAG papers. You all worked so hard! On Monday in forest school with Mrs Tickle we focused on habitats and then worked as a team to build our own! On Thursday we had another Tri Golf lesson and we all really enjoyed this! Next Tri Golf lesson will be on the field and the children have been asked to wear wellies, so if you don't have wellies in school already, please remember to bring them for Thursday! Thank you :)

Week Ending 20th November:

Another busy week in Jupiter class! In Maths we have been consolidating our skills in addition and subtraction using different methods such as dienes and number lines. In English we have continued our work alongside the text 'Fair's Fair', predicting and planning an alternative ending to the book. We also had our second Tri-Golf lesson, the weather didn't stop us enjoying this! :)

Homework this week is a continuation of the homework project, please remember that this can completed in any way, including posters, videos and leaflets etc. If you need any help/ideas please ask me, Mrs Tickle or Mrs Wiseman.

Week Ending 6th November:

We have had a lovely first week back! In our Maths lessons we have been working on using number lines and jottings when completing addition. In English we have been writing a Non-Chronological report about Mary Seacole. On Friday we had our Outdoor Learning day and we completed many practical activities! Including creating our own poppies for Remembrance day using materials we found outside, and of course sitting around the fire pit with Mrs Tickle enjoying some roasted marshmallows! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)


Week Ending 23rd October.

In our last week of term we were very busy in Jupiter class! In our Maths lessons we consolidated our learning with money, focusing again on how to give change and the most efficient ways to create totals. In English we wrote our Non-Chronological reports all about Victorians. On Wednesday we had an exciting day as we had a Science Day! One of our fun activities was all about organs and we drew these on our life size drawings of our body. Finally, we had a DT day on the last day of term. We created our Victorian Peg Dolls using different materials. 

Well done for a fab half term Jupiter Class! Have a restful break :) 

Week Ending 16th October.

This week in our maths lessons we have continued to look at money. In our English lessons we have started to look at non fiction texts and the different features. We had a lovely forest school session where we made our own feeling sticks, using different colour wool to demonstrate all different feelings. Another great week, well done Jupiter class!

Week ending 9th October 2020.

We have had another great week in Jupiter class. In our Maths lessons we have been working with money, and have been calculating totals using a variety of different coins. In English we spent Monday to Thursday planning our own story based off an illustration in the book ‘Once Upon an Ordinary School Day’ and ended the week by writing our stories using all our amazing adjectives and adverbs.
Have a lovely weekend!

Week ending 2nd October 2020.

We have had a great week in Jupiter class! We celebrated European Day of Languages on Monday, we focused on Italian. We learnt how to say hello and we learnt all about the yummy Italian food. As well as Italian, we had our French lesson where we learnt how to ask someone's name and say 'my name is...'.

We also celebrated International Poetry day on Thursday. We have learnt the poem 'The Sparrow Hawk' together as a class, we have been practising our actions alongside the poem, which we will be performing on Tuesday within class.

In our Maths lessons we have been focusing on partitioning and ordering numbers, and within our English lessons we have focused on descriptive writing, specifically focused on the story 'Once Upon an Ordinary School Day'.

Week ending 25th September.

In Maths this week we have been looking at representing numbers using dienes and putting these numbers into a place value grid. In our English lessons we have been using expanded noun phrases and adverbs to make our writing more exciting. Our focus for our topic this week was Queen Victoria. We spent time on the laptops researching all about Queen Victoria.



Week ending 18th September.

This week we completed assessments for reading, SPAG, writing and maths. These assessments allow us to identify areas of learning that need to be a focus within our lessons. We continued to look at Here We Are within our PSHE lessons. We also have looked at our Victorian topic in more depth. We have focused on the differences between rich and poor. We also designed our own peg dolls with a focus on what materials the Victorians would have been able to use for toys.

Week ending 11th September 2020.

We have had such a lovely start to the term in Jupiter class! We have spent lots of time talking about being back at school, and how we are feeling. We have also been fabulous artists this week and we have created self portraits which will be displayed in our cloakroom.

Its been so lovely to finally meet you all, and thank you for being so welcoming :)

Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday!

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