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9th January 2021

A video from Mrs Whiting explaining how to access the home learning for your child(ren) each day.   

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8th January 2021

There are some great resources available online to support reading at home using online books/ resources. The Oxford Owl ebook library is fab and allows you to filter books according to age and coloured book band. 


The PhonicsPlayComics website is a good resource for Reception, year 1 and year 2 to practise reading comics specific to the phonics sounds they are learning or any they are struggling with.

5th January 2021- a message from Mrs Whiting

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End of term message from Mrs Whiting

Tapestry- 19th July 2020

Dear Reception parents,


You should now have an email from Tapestry which will allow you to download and save your child's learning journal from their time in reception. If you have any problems with this please let me know ASAP and I will do my best to resolve any issues.


Best wishes


Miss Bleakley

13.07.2020. Introductory letters from our new teachers!


Week three of activities and information from the Cambridgeshire Constabulary (CYP) Team.

These documents can also be found in our PSHE page.

10.07.2020 Home Learning Grids

The new home learning grids for the last 7 days of term are now available on the website under the class pages and then home learning.  Nearly the summer hols now!  :-)

1st July 2020- Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Check out the Summer Reading challenge! You can find information about the Summer Reading Challenge on the 'Summer Reading Challenge' Facebook page or the 'Cambridgeshire Libraries' Facebook page. Here's a little video with more information too...


Week two of activities and information from the Cambridgeshire Constabulary (CYP) Team.

These documents can also be found in our PSHE page.


Resources and message from Cambridgeshire Constabulary (CYP) Team.

We at the CYP Team(Children and Young people), Cambridgeshire Constabulary have created the attached virtual Newsletter (with additional activity attachments) in our continued endeavour to support and engage with Children and young people.  The attached is our first edition of what will be a weekly publication and we hope the information included is of some benefit to you all.


These documents can also be found in our PSHE page.


Just to let you know that we are following government policy and our bubbles at school are now full. If your child needs a place, from now on, then they will be placed on a waiting list and there is no guarantee of an offer even for children of keyworkers. This is to ensure that we can continue to keep everyone at school as safe as possible. Thank you for your ongoing support.



Letters that have been shared with parents today.

DIAMOND Online Launch Newsletters for activities to be completed for week commencing the 1st June.


Our DLPT online learning platform can be accessed using this link:

This link is also on every class page on our website.


The DLPT board have agreed with the government and so we have the go-ahead to open to those children we have already offered places to on Monday.

Please share the PowerPoint below with your children so they know what to expect on their return to school.


The Diamond Online home learning programme is being rolled out for some year groups over the next few days so there will be some different things on offer for those of you with children still learning at home from next week.  However, we have decided to continue offering our grids as well as feedback from parents suggested that some of you were not wanting to change your system again.  As such, grids are now published on the school website!



Letter has been emailed to all parents of Puddleducks, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children. Please respond to me as quickly as you can by email as explained on the letter. I will confirm places as soon as I can. Mrs Whiting.

I have included a copy of the letter here too just so other parents can read the measures we have put in place in order to be able to welcome some pupils back to school on 1st June if we are able to open then.



While some of you are thinking about whether or not to send your child back to school and we are planning what is going to be possible and what a day at school might look like, I thought lots of you might like to watch this.

It is a Coronacast Webinar where Dr Matt Butler @mjb302 (a consultant from the COVID Assessment Unit at Cambridge University Hospitals) speaks about COVID19, how it is spread and the steps we need to take to reduce the risks for our children, our staff and our families.

The staff found it really useful and quite reassuring. It is about an hour long but is definitely worth a watch. We will be writing to the parents who have expressed an interest in their children returning to school from 1st June if we are able to re-open school sometime next week with further details but in the meantime, this might answer some of your questions.

Mrs Whiting


Exciting news! Parents, we would love you to help us keep our YouTube channel of bedtime stories full of exciting and new stories suitable for all of the children at Great Staughton Primary Academy. So if you would like to record yourself reading a story (in the usual format - no faces please), and send them to Natty Upson via What's App on 07858 515572, we will get as many of you published as we can! Thanks so much! Mrs Whiting

05.05.2020 Parent Carer Support Line


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Message from Mrs Whiting.


New learning grids from Monday! Please access the indoor and outdoor learning grids for your child(ren) under their class page, year group and home learning.  Remember, we are asking that you attempt to do a reading, spelling and online maths activity with your child each day and then at least one activity from each grid each day if possible.  We do appreciate that every family is different and this might not be right for you - please chat with us when we call or email us on if you need any guidance or support.  


Due to school closures, all statutory assessments and obligations to provide end of year reports to parents have been removed.  However, we know that you want to be kept updated regarding your children's attainment and progress in school.  As we don't know when school will be able to re-open fully to all pupils and because we know that when children do return, we will be concentrating on mental health, well-being and change management with them rather than diving straight back into our school work, we have decided to spend some of our time working from home preparing short reports for your children.  These reports will focus on September 2019 to March 2020 and will give you an idea of whether your child(ren) was working at, below or above the expected level in the core subjects. and whether they were on track to pass any statutory assessment points.  There will also be a general comment from your child's class teacher which will detail some of their other successes and highlights so far.  We are all very much hoping that it will be safe enough for us all to come together again soon; this is just us using our time wisely and giving you as much information as we can which might help you with the home learning you are all doing so brilliantly at!  Thanks, Mrs Whiting


Who fancies a party?  Friday 8th May 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and we would have been celebrating if we had been at school.  Why not host your own stay at home party?  There are resources including bunting and a powerpoint here to help your preparation.  We would love to see photos of you enjoying your special day at home!


Happy St George's Day everyone! Just a quick check in to say I hope the first week of home learning with the grids is going well? Remember, you can contact us on here or email the if you have any queries or need any help with anything. Hope to see you all soon! :-)

22.04.2020- Phonics Resources

The GS and KPA phonics pages have been updated with Storytime phonics printable resources and links to some useful websites.
Reception should know most of phase 2 and 3 sounds and year 1 should recognise nearly all the sounds in phases 2,3 and 5. Hopefully this gives you a guide of what games and resources to access with your child should you wish to but equally you should work within your child's ability. Use the flashcards in their phonics packs to identify sounds they need to practise.

Remember you can access Espresso phonics with your school username and password and you can still access the Phonics Play website for free with the username: march20 and password: home

There are also useful mini-phonics lesson videos on the school website.

You can access the Mars Class phonics page here:


20.04.2020 A welcome back video for the children

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17th April- We rose to your challenge!

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A little video to hopefully make you smile! Enjoy!


Home learning starts again next week!  From Monday, please access the indoor and outdoor learning grids for your child(ren) under their class page, year group and home learning.  Remember, we are asking that you attempt to do a reading, spelling and online maths activity with your child each day and then at least one activity from each grid each day if possible.  We do appreciate that every family is different and this might not be right for you - please chat with us when we call or email us on if you need any guidance or support.  

Parents - a little bit of online safety for you while your children are learning at home


Please check your emails or the letters section of this website for plans for home learning after the Easter holidays.  


Universal Credit/Free School Meals (FSM)

The parents of all children who qualify for FSM should have received an email with a link which allows them to choose vouchers for a range of shops. This is at the daily rate of £3 per child. This applies to term time and does not include the holidays. This means for example, that if you qualify for FSM have 1 child, you will be entitled to vouchers to the value of £15 for this week. There will be no vouchers over the holiday period. Vouchers will start again after the Easter break.


If you are currently not in receipt of FSM and you think you could be eligible, then please follow this link in order to apply. This may be the case if you have recently applied for or are already receiving Universal Credit.  If eligible, you will then be able to receive the vouchers. 


One of our parents has suggested this website with some learning resources. Some might be more appropriate for older children or require an adult helper so watch what you start on. Some good stuff here though! 

Parenting tips in uncertain times from our family support worker



So tomorrow would have been the last day of term - reward day! So why not give yourselves and the children a day of your choice? Play, be creative, sing, eat chocolate or just have a snuggle and watch a film or read a book?

We think you’ve all done brilliantly well with your home learning and deserve a lovely day!

Advice would be to keep your child(ren) ticking over with reading, Mathletics/MathsWhizz and TT Rockstars over the holidays but mostly, have a nice time!


We’ll be in touch about home learning after the hols but in the meantime, Happy Easter from the team!



We know that our families are having very different experiences at this time. Many of you are able to commit lots of time to your children while at home, some of you are needing to work and juggle phone calls/emails and others may be struggling with establishing a routine and getting or keeping your children focused. For these reasons, it’s worth clarifying that the most important thing is keeping your children safe, happy and motivated for learning. We are giving you ideas for some remote learning- stick to this as much as you feel appropriate (or choose your own activities). Please do not, under any circumstances, feel under pressure! 


I’ll be in touch again soon to give you my thoughts about learning over the Easter holidays. In the meantime, thank you and remember we are here if you need us.



Morning all! We hope you are all ready for another busy week of home learning. Wednesday would have been the end of term and your grown up may give you a break over Easter. Please keep up a little of the usual activities such as reading and Mathletics/Mathswhizz. Remember there are lots of resources on the school website and we are all here to help you if you need us. We are hoping to see you all very soon! From all at GSPA and KPA.

30th March 2020

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Just a quick note before I sign off for the weekend to say I have never been prouder of our team than this week. Every single one of us (staff, parents, children) have been thrust into completely unfamiliar circumstances and we have managed like absolute superstars! I have been so thoroughly impressed with the enthusiasm, positivity and support seen on Facebook, in school and in the communications I have had with parents and staff! What a wonderful group we make - all of us doing our very best for the children and community we serve. I so hope that we are back together in our little school soon but in the meantime, THANK YOU and WELL DONE from the bottom of my heart! Have a good rest this weekend everyone before we do it all over again next week!  :-)


Hope you are all doing well.  It's been great to see what some of you have been up to at home this week on the Facebook page.  Please keep sharing your home learning!  Parents:  please remember that we are able to provide childcare for children of critical keyworkers if you need it.  Please contact us via Facebook or on


While school is closed, we will use this area of the website to leave you general notes and messages.  Please refer to your child's class page and then click on home learning to find activities specific to their year group.  :-)