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SATURN CLASS 2021.2022

We are all looking forward to all children returning to school for the Autumn Term.  We will be starting the term with a whole school project.  The class will complete work based on 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies - which will also be linked with our topic for this term 'Then and now, near and far'.


In Saturn class Mr Nelson will remain as the class teacher with Ms Smith as our HLTA.  We will also be joined by Mrs Wiseman for either the morning or the afternoon each day throughout the week.  



Week Ending 19th November

This week was anti-bullying week as well as celebrating and raising money for Children In Need.  We spent time dedicating part of our week looking at these events additional to normal lessons.

In English we spent part of the week based on a SPAG focus with concluding our learning looking at features of newspaper articles.  In maths, Y4 continued their learning of the x7 and x9 multiplication and division facts.  Y5 looked at prime numbers as well as square and cube numbers.  Y6 continued their work on fractions, using all four number operations.  In science, Y4 based their learning on how we hear sounds and Y5.6 looked at circuits and symbols for electrical appliances.


Week Ending 12th November

This week in English we continued our work on 'Tuesday'.  Children looked at different types of speech in writing as well as some additional SPAG skills.  In our exciting writing lesson, we looked at planning and writing a report about incidents that had occurred in the book.  In maths, Y4.5 continued their work on multiplication and linked skills (Y5 including factors of numbers).  In science, Y4 children started their learning based on sound and Y5.6 started their learning based on electricity.  Our topic included timelines as well as researching famous historical people based on the local area.

On Thursday (11th November) we dedicated part of our day remembering all the fallen soldiers and animals who lost their lives in the First World War and wars afterwards.  Our homework was also focused on remembrance.  Please note that homework now is fortnightly, with Maths Whizz and spellings remaining weekly.  Children are still expected to read regularly (4 or 5 times per week) and access TTRockstars.



Week Ending 5th November

What an interesting scenario from our book Tuesday (by David Wiessman)!  What could be happening here?

As a class we have looked at what could have happened on the night of Tuesday.  We have interviewed on another (as a character from the book) and written a play script sharing our findings.

In maths Y4.5 have started their work on multiplication and division.  This week they have been looking at multiples and general times table facts.  Y6 have calculated division using short and long written methods.  In science Y4 looked at heating and cooling (to conclude their states of matter work) and Y5.6 finished their light unit (some children even looking at challenges based on our findings).  In topic this week we summarised our work on rivers (also including the practical homework task).  Some children completed some pre-teaching of our history based work on the local community.  Friday was a very different day for Y6 children, they attended a ballet at the Royal Opera House in London.  They watched Giselle, where the story was shared through music and dance.  I'm sure this was a treat that will be remembered for a long time!




Week Ending 22nd October

This week we concluded our work on Floodland in English.  Our final tasks were to write in the style of Dooby about his past and write a newspaper article about Zoe's journey through the book.  In maths, Y4.5 children worked on addition and subtraction number problems and puzzles.  Y6 children worked on different formats for multiplication (including reasoning).  In science, Y4 children created their water cycle bags showing different states of matter and Y5.6 concluded their work on light.  Our river theme in topic has also ended with children looking at dams and how we have 'held back the flood'.  Saturn class spent part of Friday morning continuing their river art inspired by Monet.


Thank you to all children that have regularly used our online resources to help progress their learning (e.g. Maths Whizz, TTRockstars and AR Quizzes).


Science in action - colour spectrum and filtering colours

Week Ending 15th October

This week in English we have made some decisions for Zoe about what she should do and we have written rules for living on Eel's Island.  In maths Y4.5 children have looked at addition and subtraction and Y5 have looked at multiples and factors as well as using BODMAS for mixed operations.  In science Y4 have continued their work on states of matter and Y5.6 continued looking at the colour spectrum and making the colour white.

This week we had our first field trip for the academic year, going to KPA and spending the day focused on our topic.  Children spent some time in Kimbolton High Street as well as visiting the River Kym.  When back at KPA, we looked at erosion and deposition (how rivers shape the land) and water filtration (cleaning water collected from the River Kym).  It was fantastic having Rowan class and Saturn class working together.

Don't forget that next week (Monday 18th October) children will have their individual school photograph. 

Week Ending 8th October

This week in English we have analysed options that we feel are available for Zoe from Floodland.  We have considered options from different viewpoints and written her a letter stating what we think she should do.  We're all looking forward to hearing more of the story to find out what she actually does!  In maths, all children have consolidated their understanding of addition and subtraction.  This has included problem solving tasks as well as discussion opportunities.  In science Y4 have continued with their states of matter work, Y5.6 have investigated refraction of light as well as started to look at the colour spectrum.

During the week, we had some visitors who interviewed some of the children about their learning.  I was very impressed with the children's responses to these questions and they confidently shared their learning in Saturn class.

Week Ending 1st October

We started the week very musically with an assembly from Rock Steady!  Some of our children have already signed up for lessons (starting next week).

In English we looked at how we perceived characters from Floodland.  We also planned and wrote a scene from the book as a play script.  In maths Y4.5 looked at different methods for calculating addition and Y6 consolidated their understanding of addition and subtraction.  In science Y4 continued their work on states of matter and Y6 looked at refraction of light.  In topic this week, we looked at the features of a river and compared different parts to one another.

Additional to our normal timetable, we spent some time celebrating European Languages Day.

Science in action - looking at refraction of light

Week Ending 24th September

In English, we continued our work on Floodland.  We looked at character feelings through text and wrote a diary about events.  We also looked at the dilemma of Zoe's dad having to decide who to leave behind.  In maths, work on place value continued for Y4 and Y5.  This included comparing numbers, sequencing and Roman numerals.  Y6 children completed old SATs papers, these will be used as a baseline for future learning.  In science Y4 children looked at the water cycle and Y5.6 children looked at reflection of light.

Our topic learning this week was focused on major rivers around the world and comparing these to one another.  This week we were excited for forest school and the children will spend alternate weeks with Mrs Tickle completing tasks outside.  Once again we finished the week with PE and Y6 children going swimming.

Floodland photographs - escaping the island being chased by the gang

Week Ending 17th September

Back to a normal timetable in Saturn!  This week in English, children have listened to the first part of our class read 'Floodland' by Marcus Sedgwick.  Children have made predictions based on the opening paragraph and also shared what they liked and disliked about the book after hearing the first part.  We have also written a character study of Zoe (the main character).  In maths, our focus has been number and place value.  This is how we always start maths in the new academic year - allowing children to consolidate their previous learning as well as progress to questions/tasks pitched at their new year group.  In science, Year 4 have started their work on 'states of matter' and Year 5.6 have started their work on 'light'.  Within other subjects we have completed tasks based on our topic of rivers and the local area.

Y5.6 science photographs

Week Ending 10th September

This week in Saturn class we have continued our work from The Promise.  This included activities based on environment activism, gardening, going on a field trip around the village and looking at ordnance survey maps (finding green spaces).  We also touched on the beginning of our topic this term 'Near and far, now and then'.  Additional to these activities, children have completed their half termly star reading quiz (hopefully children will be taking home their assigned level reading books) and they completed the initial academic year Maths Whizz assessment.  Year 6 went swimming on Friday afternoon, Mrs Whiting reported that it was fantastic swim and everyone was superb! It's been a great way to start the term and really captivated the children's attention!! 

Next week lessons will return to the normal timetable.

Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd September

The first week back for the children consisted of two days!  Although the week was short, we definitely filled it with lots of learning!

Children were welcomed back with a reminder of class rules and expectations.  We also reflected on our break from school.  We completed work on 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies - linking learning with green space and mental health and well-being.  Children looked at a variety of poems based on trees and also completed some art work based on adapting 'plain areas' - making them more pleasant to the eye and inviting for the community.