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Welcome to Mars Class!

Mars class is a mixed class of reception and year 1 children.

Our teacher is Miss Kelly, and Mrs Williams is our teaching assistant. 

We are lucky to have our own outdoor learning area and enjoy playing outside come rain or shine! The ethos of our class is to develop happy, confident and independent learners who are willing to try their best and find success in their everyday learning. Every child is unique and we aim to tailor lessons to the individual needs of the children.


On this page you can find updates about our learning and any special adventures we have been on. We hope you enjoy reading about our learning journey!

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MARS CLASS 2021.2022



Week Commencing 17/1/22:

How the weeks are flying by now!

This week phonics fairy brought Reception: long oo (as in zoom), short oo (as in books), ar and or we also focused on alien words. Year 1 recapped: oe, e-e, or, aw and au. Mrs Williams and I love that we are giving out more and more word wall badges, so keep practising at home.

In English on Monday we took part in a poetry workshop and we have been looking at Julia Donaldson 'Snail and the whale', writing characters speech, identifying rhyming and repetitive phrases and comparing the 'Snail and the whale' with 'Zoom on the broom'.

In maths we have been focusing on adding numbers together, Reception using objects and finger and Year 1 using number lines and tens frames. We have also been mastering our number bonds to 10.

In Science we have been identifying body parts, in PE we have been creating dances around the theme of April showers mirroring our partner, in computing the children typed their own name and printed independently and in forest school we went on a bug hunt for the biggest bug.

Week Commencing 10/1/22:

This week Reception continued in phonics to receive pink sounds, they now know: ng, ai, ee, igh, oa. Year 1 have now received all their blue sounds. Please continue to revise these sounds using your phonics pack and our phonics videos on the school website.

In English we have been looking at stories by Julia Donaldson, this week we looked at 'Room on the broom'. The children have made predictions of what will happen next in the story by role playing, describing characters and asking questions.

In maths we have been looking at numbers to 20. Year 1 have been exploring number bonds of 20 using manipulatives.

The children have also spent time creating self portraits, introduced to our science topic, learning about our right to an education and creating dances inspired by ice skating.

Please remember if your child is currently isolating home learning is on our website alongside phonics videos.

Please do not hesitate to send me a message on tapestry!

Week Commencing 3/1/21:

Happy New Year!

This week the children revised their phonics sounds, Year 1 recapped adding the suffixes to verbs as well.

In maths we recapped tens and ones and Reception put numbers to 20 in order.

Mars did amazing at Graftham Water and hearing all the compliments of their behaviour has made me so proud of them!

We have made sure all children have gone home with new books this weekend. We would love if Reception kept practising their keyring words at home as this will make reading easier.


Week Commencing 13/12/21:


On the last week of term Mars Class were up to fun things!

In maths Reception continued to build on their number sequencing skills and Year 1 were introduced to tens and ones. The children completed the investigation on which materials would be waterproof and strong for the three little pigs to use, apparently Mrs Passan got very wet during these experiments!

The children made a moving picture using a lever and experimented before creating a moving picture of the Great fire of London. We also decorated our christmas crowns for our Christmas lunch.

Lastly Spiderman visited Mars Class on Reward day, thank you so much to Mr and Mrs Lincoln for letting Spiderman surprise the children.


Hope you all had a lovely and well rested Christmas!

Week Commencing 6/12/21:

This week phonics fairy brought reception more phase 3 sounds and they have been practising using their blending skills to decide if a word is real or fake. Year 1 have continued to learn alternative phase 5 sounds and particularly enjoyed ey hokey cokey.

On Monday the children took part in the Christingle service and on Wednesday took part in the nativity tableau. The children did an amazing job despite the cold weather. Thank you for every one who came to watch the service and for parents kind offers of help.

In maths we have been looking at numbers to 20. Reception went on a number hunt around the school and Year 1 have been quickly recognising numerals and written words of numbers to 20.

In English we have been creating our own poems inspired by Spaghetti! Spaghetti!

Well done to Mars Class! 1 more week left!

Week Commencing 29/11/21:

This week phonics fairy visited Reception with our phase 3 sounds this week, j, w, x and y. Year 1 have continued to look at alternative sounds.

This week in English we have been performing poems, our first poem was all about spaghetti and the children had a taste before thinking of describing words. Please check out their performances on the website!

In maths we have been learning all about shape, the children have been going on shape hunts and finding the 2d and 3d shape properties.

This week we have been learning about Christingle ready for the service on Monday, singing christmas songs, we had a art lesson with author and illustrator Nick Sharratt on zoom. In topic we made our own London street after the fire of London and in forest school we tried to put the leaves back on the trees.

In English this week we have been performing poems, it would be lovely if you could take the time to watch them! 

Week Commencing 22/11/21: 

Well done to everyone for getting through the first assessment week of the year. The children worked really hard to demonstrate their knowledge of Maths, Reading and SPaG and helped to identify areas for development.

Also in particular well done to Year 1 on their phonics check! 

We had a lovely week continuing to learn rhythm in music, design our science experiment for the three little pigs and be very busy during busy learning time.

Week Commencing 15.11.21: 


This week the children have continued to be amazing independent learners, this is something we are continuing to encourage the children to take charge of their own learning and be proud of. 


This week in maths both Year 1 and Reception have been learning to subtract simple numbers. Year 1 have grasped the concept of subtracting really well. Reception have been finding one less using tea partys and bus stops to secure their understanding. 

In English Reception have been practising to segment and blend cvc words alongside markmaking and creating their own Beegu stories. Year 1 have been finishing writing their Great Fire of London non-fiction books. 


On Friday we celebrated Children in Need, with a coin pudsey, dancing on the playground and yummy cake! 


Week Commencing 8.11.21: 


This week in phonics, Reception have been focusing on blending and segmenting words using phase 2 sounds. Please remember children need lots of practise to perfect this skill! And Year 1 have been looking at different suffixes that can be added to words and 'ow row your boat slow'. 


In English we have been making our own non-fiction books about The Great Fire of London. I am impressed by how much Reception and Year 1 know about The Great Fire of London and have enjoyed using their knowledge to write amazing sentences. In particular Receptions letter formation is amazing! 

In Maths Reception have been looking at one more and one less. Year 1 have continued to look at addition and 'take away' through tens frames, part-whole models and first, then and now. 


We also have taken the time to learn all about Remembrance Day and how different animals also had a big role to play in the war effort. We discussed how purple poppies are worn to remember the war animals. This was a great opportunity to practise our colour mixing skills to create a purple for our purple poppies.

Week Commencing 1/11/21:

This week Year 1 became diagraph detectives, recapping phonics sounds they sometimes struggle with and finding them within real and alien words. Reception have been assessed this week on their vocabulary and listening skills as well.

In English we have been exploring non-fiction texts and identifying the features of a non-fiction text. Year 1 also recapped writing questions using question words and remembering question marks.

In maths Reception have continued their exploration of numbers to 10 finding 1 more. Year 1 have been continuing to use part-whole models to add single digit numbers together. I am extremely impressed by their quick grasp of quick adding by holding the greatest number in their head and counting on.

Also this week we have been creating landscape drawings of the great fire of London sky, our first gymnastic session with Mrs Marriott, exploring Diwali, developing our computing skills and looking at pumpkin seeds with Mrs Tickle in forest school.

Week commencing 18.10.21:

Wow what an amazing week, firstly well done to this weeks VIP lunch winners! Next VIP lunch 12th Nov.

This week in mars class we have been enjoying lots of fun spooky activities. We have been exploring some pumpkins by hammering in shapes to make faces, we then opened the pumpkins to discover what was inside. We then used the pumpkins to create spooky Halloween potions so much fun!

We also had spooky colouring pictures so we could practice using our gross motor skills and keep our colouring in the lines.

We have been practising our segmenting and blending with some CVC words like hat, bat, and log. We even had a go at mark making in a spooky slime bag and a bubbling blood bag!

We finished the week with some funny Halloween yoga and a yummy treat

Phonics fairy has been on holiday this week on the search for new sounds after half term, I wonder what they could be? We have been revising our current sounds in the meantime!

In English Year 1 have been writing a wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf and successfully edited their own work, reception have been practising letter formation and their tricky troll words.

In maths Year 1 have been looking at number bonds to 10 using part-whole models and systematic methods. Reception have been practising their numbers to 10 and their number formation.

Finally we had forest school where we identified clues to the autumn season and made leaf kebabs.

Have a lovely break you all deserve it, see you on 2nd November.

Year 1's have been writing questions for the big bad wolf and grandma, they then role played as the interviewer and the characters.

The Big bad wolf and Grandma interview

Still image for this video

Week commencing 11.10.21:

Last week phonics fairy delivered reception the sounds: f, l, ss and u. The children have been practising blending sounds together to make words and have wowed phonics fairy with their resilience.

In English Year 1 have been looking at character descriptions and writing questions for the big bad Wolf and little red riding hoods grandma. We how you enjoy our video! Reception have been sequencing the story of little red riding hood and retelling the story in their own words.

In maths reception have continued to secure their knowledge of numbers to 10 and year 1 have been using part whole models and add together single digit numbers.

We also had our first harvest service, year 1 had their last balancability session, in science we identified materials properties along with lots of busy learning!

Week Commencing 4.10.21:

This week these amazing learners have really outshone themselves with their learning!


Phonics fairy has been keeping us busy with new sounds. Reception received: e, r, h and b and Year 1 received a_e , soft g (j) and ie. As you can see we have been having lots of fun exploring the sound and making silly sentences using the sound.


In English we have been looking at traditional tales, we explored goodies and baddies and revealed the book we will be looking at Little red riding hood! The children loved the big bad wolf eating Grandma.


In maths we have been continuing with place value to 10. Reception have been securing their understanding of numbers to 10 and Year 1 have been comparing numbers using greater than and less than.


We have also been investigating material properties in Science, practising keeping the pulse in music and developing our core movement in p.e.

Mars Class week commencing 27.9.21:

Another week of being busy! Firstly well done to the first winners of the VIP lunch (even a lucky year 6 joined us).

This week in English Year 1 have been planning, writing and editing our diary entries, Reception have been looking at rhyming words, looking at initial sounds and practising writing their name. In phonics reception received the sounds o, c, k and their first diagraph ck. Year 1 have been looking at alternatives a and s, ear and are.

In maths we have been looking at numbers to 10 and year 1 have been comparing numbers using ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘the same as’.

The children have been working particularly hard on their hand writing and identifying materials in the classroom in science.


Mars Class week commencing 20.9.21:

This week phonics fairy visited again with n, m, d and g for reception. Phonics fairy also gave reception their own magic wands to give them a bit of extra magic when breaking down and blending words. Phonics fairy gave Year 1 i-e, ea, ir and oy.

In English year 1 have been looking at verbs in different tenses. The children have wowed me with their sentences using irregular verbs in the past tense. Reception have been practising learning the alphabet, recognising letter names and recognising their own name and practising writing it.

In maths Year 1 have been looking at numbers to 10 practising counting from any given number, backwards and forwards. Reception have been learning about the numbers 0, 3, 4 and 5.

We have also been looking at the events that happened in the great fire of London and made our own timeline. The children have been identifying materials in science, in music we have been practising our listening skills and learning popular nursery rhymes to build a repertoire of songs and finally to end the week with our first forest school session with Mrs Tickle and little stars. We split up into groups to find wildlife birds hidden around the school field and discussed how we would recognise them.


Mars Class week commencing 6/9/21:

Wow what a busy first week! Well done to Reception for their first full week at school, I’m sure you will agree how amazing they have been.

This week we explored the book ‘Errol’s garden’ Year 1 created a class poem inspired by nature, we have been practising mindfulness outside and listening to all the different wildlife. We also researched what we could grow in our own flower bed and planted bulbs and flowers ready to attract the local wildlife.

We introduced the rainbow challenges the children can complete over the week during busy learning, children who complete all 4 or wow Myself or Mrs Williams get to go on the rainbow!

We have also been making lots of artwork inspired by primary colours.

Reception received their first reading book and first school library book so please take a look at them over the weekend.

Mars Class Week Commencing 2/9/21:

Well done to Reception for your first few days at school! We are so excited to have you in all day next week.

Well done to Year 1 who have come back to school with (mostly) smiles on their faces, ready to tell Mrs Williams and I all about their summer holidays!

The past few days we have been getting up to lots of busy learning, introducing rainbow challenges, our first circle time, writing about ourselves, Reception showed their books, creating our class rules and focusing on our feelings coming to school. We read 'The Colour Monster ' and 'Our class is a family' to help the children identify their feelings, how they can manage them and who they can come to when they are feeling upset.