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Welcome to Jupiter Class!

Jupiter class is a mixed class of Year 3 and Year 4 children.

Our teachers are Miss Smith and Miss Connor. Mrs Tickle is our teaching assistant.

The ethos of our class is to develop inquisitive, confident and independent learners who are willing to try their best and find success in their everyday learning. Every child is unique and we aim to tailor lessons to the individual needs of the children.


On this page you can find updates about our learning and any special adventures we have been on. We hope you enjoy reading about our learning journey!

Jupiter Class Updates 2023.2024

Autumn Term

W.C 25th September:

This week in English, we have started our new text called 'Street Child'. We analysed the front cover of the text and discussed what questions we have and what we think we know about the book. We read the first few chapters of the text as a class, thinking really carefully about some of the trickier, old-fashioned vocabulary. We created a role-on-the wall for the main character Jim Jarvis thinking about both his physical appearance and what his personality might be like. Finally, the children created freeze frames to depict the scenes from the story so far. In Maths, we have continued with Place Value, moving onto larger numbers - Year 3 looked at numbers up to 1,000 and Year 4 looked at numbers to 10,000. We focused on partitioning and flexible partitioning before working on 1/10/100/1,000 more and less. We ended the week with a focus on Roman Numerals, especially linked to time telling.

In Science, Year 4 started their unit by looking at food chains. We discussed the terms prey, predator and producer as well as primary and secondary consumers. In RE, we began our unit about people of faith by looking at a few influential people of faith such as Mother Theresa and Marcus Rashford. The children brainstormed their own beliefs and shared some lovely thoughts such as 'I believe that I am loved' and 'I believe that everyone should have somewhere warm to live.' In Geography, we focused on naming and locating continents, countries and oceans. In Art, we started to look at the Victorian designer Charles Frederick Worth. He is often known as the first fashion designer! The children really impressed me with their Exciting Writing editing which focused on subordinate conjunctions. Year 3 children learned (Year 4 recapped) using ISAWAWABUB to add detail to our clauses before applying this to our writing.

W.C 11th September 2023:

Another busy week in Jupiter Class! In Maths we started our work on place value, specifically focusing on representing numbers, partitioning and placing numbers on number lines. In English we finished our work focused on 'In Our Hands', we finished reading the story and then the years threes continued the story and wrote their own! In DT we introduced our new unit of work focusing on making our own game. In the first lesson we conducted market research about Victorian-style toys and games. In PSHE we spent time understanding our role in helping the school feel like a place where everyone can learn safely and happily. The year threes started their Science unit 'Animals including humans' and spent time focusing on the five food groups. We also had our first HSSP session focusing on dribbling the ball. The year threes ended their week with Forest school, whilst the year fours were busy at our Grafham residential! 

W.B 4th September 2023:

A big well done to all of Jupiter this week! We are so impressed with how well the Year 3's have settled in and the Year 4's have been super role models :) This week we started our Creative week by looking at the story In Our Hands by Lucy Farfort. We have spent time predicting, discussing the emotions of the characters, using our inference skills and then ended the week with following along with the author and illustrator and created our own watercolours of the main character. We started our new topic 'The Victorians' by completing a timeline activity and then spent time researching the monarchy and created a monarchy family tree from the Victorians to modern day. In PE we worked on our football skills and focused on dribbling the ball. In Art we research William Morris and then planned our own identical repeating pattern, influenced by William Morris. To end the week we created our repeating patterns using a range of materials to help us print.