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Week Commencing 10th May

If you are unable to send your child to school, due to self isolation or our Mars bubble closing, please complete the tasks/activities that can be downloaded from this page.

School Closure 13/5/21: 


Due to having a major electrical problem children will be completing home learning from our home learning grids for the 13th May. 


For English, Reception have a phase 3 early reading comprehension presentation and worksheet to complete. Children should be fairly familiar with the sheets as we completed one yesterday. Year 1 please look through the presentation on capital letters and full stops and spend an hour to complete the booklet. 


Maths Session 3 is all on the home learning grid, if struggling Mathletics is on open access.


For P.E I have linked our current cosmic yoga quest that the children are completing at school. 

 Lulu the Baby Lioness | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube 


All phonics is on our website, Receptions sound is ee - what can I see, Year 1's Aw - saw you yawn please follow the lesson video.


Suggested topic, normally on a Thursday afternoon we would complete computing.


Many thanks, 

Miss Kelly