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Take the time to explore this page to find out about the Mars children creative journey. We will be updating this page to show what we are finding inspiring, our sketchbooks and our creations.



This term the children have been focusing on the skill of print. We have been looking at the artists Educardo Paolozzi and William Morris as inspiration. 


First the children printed with found objects and experimented using primary colours. 

Then they have been refining their prints by creating a collagraph using cardboard to create a relief print. 

Finally the children created a more refined and detailed repeated print using foam tiles. This print is called a relief print as when placed on the material it leaves the print behind.


This half term the children have been exploring landscape art. We identified that landscape art is art inspired by the land, this could be a city, village, fields. We also found out if it is of the sea it is called a seascape. So far we have been looking at a variety of landscape artists to inspire us: 


Henri Rousseau, Surprised! (1891)



Claude Monet, Landscapes in London


Finally we have been exploring the skill of tone and shading using different sketching pencils.

Autumn Creative Week

In creative week we have been so inspired by 'The Barnabus Project' by The Fan Brothers. We discussed that Barnabus was made of 2 different creatures. To explore this further we did observational drawings onf a variety of creatures. Then we created our own misfit creature by combining 2 animals. Afterwards we created our creatures in clay- using our skills from last term and placed them in a jar. Just like Barnabus!