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W.C 4th July:

What a busy week! In Maths we consolidated our understanding of different written methods when using the four operations. We also worked on answering problem solving questions as the wording can sometimes trick us! In English we planned, wrote and edited a set of instructions on how to build a Viking longboat. The Y2s did create their own longboat using a range of different materials and worked hard on this without adult support. In Art we completed an artist study on David Hockney and we used our observational skills to recreate his work. In RE we listened to the Islamic story 'Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns and discussed the key information within this. This week myself and the Y2s were lucky enough to watch the KS2 performance and see Saturn and the Y3s perform. We thought the show was amazing and a big well done to all of the children and adults involved!

W.C 27th June

This week in English, we have been recapping key features of a diary entry before planning and writing our own in character as a Viking from our book 'Viking Raiders.' The children had to imagine that they had built a new warship ready for raiding.

In Maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of fractions and finding a fraction of a number. We used practical resources to remind us what a fraction actually means in comparison to a whole object or number. The children also thought about equivalent fractions.

In Exciting Writing, we wrote poems about our trip to the Botanical Gardens last week. The children could decide between a rhyming poem, an acrostic poem or a series of Haikus. In French this week, Year 3 focused on the different rooms you may find in different types of homes. In Computing, the year 2s focused on debugging.

We were lucky enough to have a PE lesson taught by R & D Coaching focusing on multiskills. In Topic the children continued to work on their independent research about Vikings and started creating their own PowerPoint. The year 3s have been working hard practicing for the show, we can't wait to watch! In Art we completed an artist study on Paul Cezanne and we recreated some of his work.

WB 13.06.22

In Maths, we have been learning about capacity and volume. We started the week with a practical activity to help the children really understand what we were learning about. We have then moved on to reading scales to measure volume. In English, we have continued to look at Viking Raiders so that we could write sentences using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. In topic, we independently researched more facts about the Vikings and in DT we made the fridge magnets that we have been designing. In PSHE, we have been looking at teamwork and the skills we need to be a good communicator.

Just a reminder that on Wednesday 22nd Jupiter will be going to the botanical gardens.

WB 06.06.22

A great first week back for Jupiter Class! This week in English we have started our new text 'Viking Raiders.' The children have annotated the front cover and thought about how we can link what we already know about Vikings to what we can see. We then moved on to look at the main characters, Knut and his family. We created character profiles for them, thinking about what they physically look like and what we can deduct about them e.g. their family relationships. In Maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of mass by looking at word problems and weighing objects on scales.  In Science, we learnt about germination and went outside with Mrs Tickle to discuss germination and the process. In Art, we have created our final piece using block printing and mono-printing. The children collected resources to print with and used tiles to create mono-prints using negative space. In RE, we started to look at our new enquiry question 'What can we learn from holy books?' As a class, we discussed what we already knew from our prior learning and any questions that we had before completing our KWL. In PE we started our new unit of Athletics and practised our running, throwing and jumping skills. In Computing we made predictions based on the algorithms that were given to us, then made up our own and tested them with the BeeBots.

W.C 23rd May:

This week in English, the children have been writing an explanation text about the life cycle of plants. We researched to find out more information about the life cycle, and used our science knowledge to fill in the gaps. We then planned and wrote explanation texts. In Maths, we have been focusing on mass. The children looked at balancing scales, decided which objects were heavier or lighter, read scales in both grams and kilograms and started to work out the intervals on a scale. In RE, we finished our unit on Sikhism by answering the enquiry question 'What makes Sikhs special?' In PSHE we were thinking about the skills of a good communicator. The children changed their listening styles each time and thought about how it feels when someone is not listening to us. They also discussed some open ended questions and spoke about why it is so important to give each other open ended questions to facilitate conversation. In Art we experimented overprinting using primary colours and creating secondary colours. Finally, we ended our week with a Jubilee party with snacks, crafts and pint the jewel on the crown! Have a fun and restful half term!

Jupiter W.C 16th May.

The year 2s have finally finished their SATS papers, we are so proud of how well they focused and their positive mindsets when completing the papers. Well done year 2s! The year 3s went to the trust sports event and showed great teamwork, and came 2nd! Well done year 3!

In Maths we have been looking at fractions. The year 2s have been focusing on word problems, and consolidating their understanding of finding a fraction of a number. The year 3s have been focusing on tenths and moved onto recognising tenths as a decimal. In English we edited our letter we wrote last week, and we wrote our own mystery story in Exciting Writing. In Topic we explored why the Vikings came to Britain, and wrote a diary entry as a Viking travelling to Britain on a longboat. In Art we experimented with different effects we could create by printing. We went outside to collect different objects to print with and evaluated the effect it gave us. The year 3s also had a go at mono printing which we loved! In Science in our groups we decided how we will record our findings from our experiment and observed changes so far. In RE we discussed what the Sikh holy book is and how it is used, we also compared important Sikh prayers.

Jupiter W.C 9th May

The Y2s have completed three more SATs papers, and of course they were amazing!

This week in Maths we have been consolidating our understanding of different methods when completing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also been working on answering word problems. In English we identified the key features/layout of a formal letter. We planned and wrote our own formal letter to the parents of the next reception children and informed them all about our wonderful school.

In DT we decided on a theme for our magnets and we drew our final designs. The children took their time to do this as neatly as possible. The Y3s have started their new French unit and have so far learnt family members and pets.

In Science the children have independently decided what their enquiry question is for our unit of Plants. The children have come up with some very interesting questions such as 'Will a seed grow in sand?', 'Will a seed grow if I put it in a cold fridge?', 'Will a seed grow if I water it Fanta?', 'Will a seed grow I water it Iron Bru?' and 'Will a seed grow if I put it in a consistent hot place?' We can't wait to find out the results! After we came up with our ideas, we then planted the seeds and started our investigations.

Finally in PE, we focused on our fielding skills and learnt the key skills of long- barrier stop and the two-handed pick up and throw. Then using our learnt skills we played a full class game of Diamond Cricket.

Another busy week- well done Jupiter! Hope you all have a lovely weekend:)

Jupiter W.C 2nd May:

Another busy week! The Y2s worked hard and completed their first SAT paper this week. The children were amazing and focused so well!

In Maths we spent time reviewing areas we were finding tricky so we could spend some time next week consolidating our learning. The Y2s read the temperature on a thermometer and focusing on reading intervals on a scale. The Y3s focused on telling the time using Roman numerals. In English we recapped our understanding of past and present tense. The Y2s focused on the progressive form and the Y3s focused on present perfect. Today it is National Space Day, so for our Exciting Writing this week we had to describe a new planet we had discovered. In our Art lesson we introduced our new unit focused on Printing, and we completed an Artist study on Michael Rothenstein, the children used their observational skills to recreate his work. In Topic we learnt about Viking Gods and Goddesses and interesting facts about them. In Computing we focused on algorithms and how to give instructions to each other as robots. In Science we were using our research skills to create an information poster about the function of each part of a flower. Finally in PE on Thursday we worked on our striking skills, and the movement/position we need to be in to successfully strike. Today we had our second swimming lesson, again the children were amazing and worked really hard. Have a lovely weekend

Jupiter Class W.C 25th April:

Another busy week in Jupiter! In Maths we have been focusing on Time. The children have worked so hard this week to be able to tell the time to o'clock, half past and quarter past and quarter to. We have also been working on being able to read a clock in five minute intervals. In English we have continued to recap areas, we have focused on expanded noun phrases, adverbs, pronouns, prefixes and suffixes, and our retrieval skills when reading. We started our new DT unit where we were exploring different fridge magnets, in preparation for us to make our own fridge magnets. In Topic we created our own adverts to be a Viking for a day. In Science we started our KWHL grid for our new unit 'Plants'. The children shared everything they knew so far, and what they would like to find out and how. We also had a go at identifying, classifying and grouping a variety of seeds. In PE we worked on our accuracy with throwing, and we had our first Swimming session! The children were amazing and really enjoyed their first session! Well done this week Jupiter Have a lovely long weekend.

W.C 18th April- Jupiter Class:

What a busy first week back! The children came back ready and eager to learn In English this week we have been recapping our understanding of subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions and apostrophes in contractions and for singular possession. Also we have worked on our inference skills in reading. In Exciting Writing we wrote a recount about our Easter holidays. In Maths we have been focusing on shapes. We have explored properties of 2D and 3D shapes, the Y2s looked at symmetry and the Y3 looked at perimeter.

We started our new topic of The Vikings which the children seem to be loving! We thought about questions we want to find out about The Vikings and completed a timeline. Our new PE unit is striking and fielding. In our PE lesson we worked on our catching skills as we knew this was a skill we needed to practice for fielding.

Well done to all the children for a great first week back! Hope you all have a lovely weekend :) 


Week Commencing 28.3.22:

What a busy last week of term! On Monday we had a Science morning to finish off our units of Materials for Year 2 and Forces and Magnets for Year 3. Then we celebrated our Easter service at the church which was lovely! On Tuesday we learnt about trading and compared how trading changed between the stone age and the iron age. Then in the afternoon we shared our homework projects, I was so impressed with the projects and the children showed confidence and pride when showing off their research! On Wednesday we were treated to a Rock Steady concert and showed off our machine dances that we have been working on with Mrs Marriot in PE. Then ended the day using patterns to show emotions in Art. Finally we ended our week with Reward Day! We had such a fun day, completing Easter crafts, making Easter cards to show off our Easter poems that we wrote earlier in the term, going on an Easter egg hunt, and ending the day with a film and some treats!

Well done to the children for working so hard this term and I hope you all have a restful break, and a lovely Easter!

WB 28.02.22

We had a busy week in Jupiter Class this week!

In Maths this week we have been looking at length - Year 2 have focused on measuring in cm and m while year 3 have focused on cm and mm. Year 3 learned about converting between measurements and will be practicing this more to gain confidence. We ended the week by applying our knowledge of the 4 operations to measurements.

In English, we planned and wrote a newspaper article about Skara Brae before editing our writing to make it the best version we could. We reminded ourselves of the key features of a newspaper and then applied our research to include these in our own article.

On Tuesday we had our Topic Forest School Day and we were joined by Oak Class from KPA. The children spent all day completing different activities linked to our topic and ended the day with pancakes and marshmallows.

Then on Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. We started the day with a costume parade, and then we got to spend time with our houses and we shared books. We also wrote our own stories and read them to the class.

W.B 21st February Jupiter:

We had a great first week back!

In English this week we have been recapping the key features of a newspaper and finding out information about Skara Brae, as next week we will be writing our own newspaper report about the discovery of Skara Brae.

In Maths we have been looking at statistics and data. The children looked at tally charts, pictograms, tables and block diagrams/bar charts. We used practical activities such as squat challenges to collect data which we then presented in a variety of ways.

In Science this week, the Year 2 children used their forest school time to design and construct a boat. Their aim was to make sure the boat could float and would move in water. We then evaluated our boats and thought about what went well and what we might improve next time. Year 3 completed their KWHL for our new topic of Forces and Magnets. The children discussed how they would like to find out the answers to their questions and we will be planning some fun experiments to answer our questions!

Our Geography this week focused on map skills to locate prehistoric monuments and settlements in the UK. We first identified the landmarks using aerial view pictures and then used atlases to find their location in the UK. We spoke lots about the different reasons that people may have chosen certain areas to set up settlement e.g. proximity to water, fertile land, advantage viewpoints on a hill.

Finally we had our first dance lesson with Mrs Marriot. The children were focused on finding the beat, They created their own movements linked to machines.

WB 31.01.22

This week in Maths, Year 2 have been consolidating their understanding of multiplying and dividing by 2/5/10. Year 3 have been partitioning in order to divide two-digit numbers by one digit numbers. We also looked a different methods for dividing when we have a remainder.

In English, we wrote and edited our own fables. We spent a lesson thinking about our characters and setting, and another planning the plot of our story.

In Science, YR2 created their own bar graphs using data that we collected last week, it showed us how frequent everyday materials are used within our school. YR3 concluded their unit on fossils and rocks by finding out how soil is made and the 4 different soil formations, they spent time outside with Mrs Tickle and built their own wormery to make compost as part of our learning about soil.

In DT, we started to learn about roundhouses and drew and labeled a roundhouse and the key features. This will be part of our ongoing DT project. In PSHE, we looked at article 7 of the UN rights of the child which focuses on identity. We created our own coat of arms and thought about different parts of us which make up our unique identity.

Finally, in PE we carried on our focus of accuracy, but this week we practiced our striking skills.

W.C 24th January:

This week in Maths, we have been working on our division skills. Year 2 started the week by practically dividing numbers into equal groups using cubes or counters, we then moved on to using pictures and drawings to help us. Year 3 have been looking at different written methods of division for the 3/4/8 times tables.

In English, we have looked at a variety of fables and have identified the key features and learnt about morals. We compared the characters and plot of 'The Ant and The Grasshopper' and 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf.' We then practiced comprehension style questions for 'The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse' or 'The North Wind and The Sun.' We ended the week by role playing our favourite fable and creating freeze frames to show each scene.

Our RE learning this week has focused on the story of Prophet Adam. We linked this to our knowledge of the bible and the story of Adam and Eve.

In Art, we used paint to experiment create different tones of the primary colours, we challenged ourselves by not using black to make darker tones, we had to be careful not to mix too much of both colours otherwise we ended up with completely different colours​.

In Science, Year 3 found out the process of how fossils are created underground and how they are eventually found again. Year 2 went for a walk around the school and outside to create a tally chart of how frequently we saw different materials, then we discussed the frequent uses for different materials and how we could group them.

In PE we focused on accuracy and hitting a target. First we focused on rolling/throwing to hit a target then we moved on to striking with a bat.

W.C 17th January 2022

Another busy week in Jupiter class! We started off the week with two zooms, one was our live English workshop where we focused on acrostic poems with the poet Mark Grist! The children loved this and were  very enthusiastic about writing their own acrostic poems. We also had our  zoom  with Wood Green discussing dog behaviours and noticing their body language.

In Maths this week the Year 2s have been recapping their understanding of doubling, odd and even numbers, and representing multiplication in pictures. The Year 3s have been focusing on their 4 times tables, 8 times tables, and looking at the short written method for multiplication. In English the children were making notes and writing their own set of instructions linked to our topic, some were writing instructions to make a fire, and some focused on how to make tools. 

In Science the Year 2 focused on suitability of materials. We started by identifying common uses of materials within the classroom and we explained why these materials were suitable for these objects. The Year 3s conducted a series of tests when exploring different rocks. The children first identified whether the rock was sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous. Then they tested to see if the rock was permeable, durable and if it had buoyancy.

Our new unit in RE is Islam and we learnt about who Allah is and the Islamic creation story. We spoke about how this was similar and how it was different to the Christian version.

In PSHE we explored what we need to have a healthy body, including our head, heart and muscles. We discussed how it is important for balance and what we could do to ensure we stay healthy. 

W.C 10th Jan 2022:

What a busy week we have had in Jupiter class!

This week in Maths we have started looking at multiplication. We have focused on equal groups, arrays, writing multiplication story's including repeated addition and we discussed the commutative law. We ended the week with Y2 consolidating their 2-, 5- and 10-times tables, and the Y3s focused on their 3 times tables. In English we have started looking at a new book linked to our topic- The Stone Age Boy. First we predicted what the story may be about, only using the front cover. Then we ordered the story and retold it, we practiced using expanded noun phrases to describe settings from the book, then we wrote a diary entry as the boy from the book.

In Science, the Y2s had their first lesson looking at materials. They went on a walk around the school to identify different materials and explained what different objects are made of. The Y3s were comparing and grouping rocks based on their appearance and physical properties.

We carried on researching Stonehenge and we started our PowerPoints showing our research. On Tuesday we collected natural materials with Mrs Tickle and produced our own cave paintings using what we have collected. Then on Wednesday we produced another cave painting, making sure we made it look realistic by using examples and natural-coloured paints.

We worked on our atlas skills by completing a scavenger hunt to find different places and rivers using the index page.

Finally we ended the week with a PE lesson, we started our new unit of dance. Today we thought of movements we could perform when saying certain words, for example twinkle or explode. We then in groups came up with our own sentences linked to our topic, which we performed using movements as well. To challenge ourselves, we added in travel to make it more exciting.

W.C 3rd January 2022

Happy New Year everyone! This week we have settled back in by introducing our new Topic Stone Age to Iron Age, where we completed our KWL grid and had discussions about what we hope to learn in this topic. We created a fact file about Woolly Mammoths and started to make our own PowerPoints using facts we have learnt so far about Stonehenge. We introduced our new Science units, Year 2s are looking at Everyday Materials and Year 3s are looking at Rocks and Fossils.

Both years had a growth mindset lesson, Year 2s were focusing on effort and the characteristics of this. The Year 3s were discussing and debating whether you are born to be good at something. On Thursday we had our amazing day out to Grafham, the children were so well behaved and were enthusiastic with all their challenges and activities. They had a wonderful day!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


W.C 13th December

We have had a fab last week of term. To finish off our Roman work we used atlases to locate Roman cities and roads. We wrote our class recipe and made our Roman flatbreads. The children were amazing at working together cooking and they ended up being delicious! We ended our Roman topic by having a Roman battle on the playground using our Roman shields we created and rulers as our swords!

We created Christmas cards and completed lots of Christmas crafts. The children enjoyed a morning of music with Mrs Tickle where they used the boomwhackers to play let it snow.

Wednesday was a busy day! We watched the Rocksteady concert; all the children were amazing, and we loved watching this. We also had our last gymnastic lesson with Mrs Marriot, she had all the apparatus out which was super fun! We also had our Christmas lunch.

Today we have enjoyed Christmas crafts, a mini disco with some impressive dancing, we all got to watch a pantomime which we loved, and we ended the day with a Christmas film.

Thank you so much for all the cards and gifts we have received, we really appreciate them all.

Well done to all the children this term, they have worked so hard!

We hope you all have a lovely, relaxing Christmas and break

Week beginning 6th December:

This week in English, we looked at rhyme schemes and identifying these in different poems. We then moved on to planning and composing our own class rhyming poems based around Winter, we chose to follow the AABB rhyme scheme for our class poem.

In Maths we continued to work on our unit on money, we focused on comparing amounts (Y2), converting pence to pounds (Y3) and finding totals.

On Monday, the children took part in the Christingle and on Wednesday we took part in the Nativity.

We had a brilliant morning of PE on Wednesday with Mrs Marriot where we were able to use the apparatus.

The year 3 children continued their French learning by singing heads, shoulders, knees, and toes in French, whilst the year 2 children made their habitats that they had planned last week.

We also created our own baubles using as much glitter as possible!

Week commencing 29th November:

This week we have been analysing our assessment papers, we have worked on identified gaps. In Maths we also had two practical lessons where we opened our own shop to work on paying for amounts in different ways, and giving change. In English we focused on spelling rules and wrote our own set of instructions for assessment week.

In Art this week, we have looked at a sculpture by Antoni Guardi. We spoke about the different colours that we could see and tried to use more accurate shade colours. We then mixed colouring pencils to create shades of primary or secondary colours and match them to our colour chart. Afterwards, we used a viewfinder to focus on a smaller section of the sculpture. We tried to copy the style into our sketch books and colour them in using our new knowledge of colour shades.

In Topic we went for a walk around the school as we drew our own map of the school. We focused on the use of a key, and what symbols we could use for different features of our school.

In Science the Y2s planned their own habitats, and next week will be creating them. The Y3s completed another investigation, this time focusing on choosing the best material for curtains as they needed to block light. We spoke about translucent, transparent and opaque, and we discussed how shadows are made.

Today we were lucky enough to join a zoom with lots of other schools around the country and listen to Nick Sharratt read extracts from some of his books including Shark in the Park, and we followed along drawing some of his illustrations from a selection of his books including snails, crabs, reindeers and Santa!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Week commencing 22nd November:

Well done to everyone for getting through the first assessment week of the year. The children worked really hard to demonstrate their knowledge of Maths, Reading and SPaG and helped to identify areas for development.

In Topic we have been working hard on our Roman shields. We thought about the materials we needed, and then spent Friday afternoon creating them. The children had a lot of fun!

In PSHE, we focused on people who help us. We played a version of 'Guess Who' to familiarize ourselves with different people who help us. We thought about who we would most likely need in an emergency e.g. police or a paramedic, and who we might need to help us in a more general sense e.g. family, teachers.

In Science this week, we looked at how animals in different habitats depend on each other (YR2) and sun safety (YR3). YR2 thought about animals and plants depending on each other e.g. a squirrel needs an oak tree for shelter and food but an oak tree also needs a squirrel to spread acorn seeds. YR3 looked at the pros and cons of the sun and spoke about UV rays. We then designed our own sunglasses/sunhat to keep us safe.

Jupiter Class W.C 15th November 


In Maths this week we have started looking at money. We have recapped our understanding recognising coins and notes, finding different amounts using a different variety of coins and notes and finding the most efficient way to do this. In English we planned and wrote either our own ending to The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog, or an extra chapter in My Dad Bought an Alligator. I was very impressed with the creativity and vocabulary used in these pieces of writing! We then edited them and ended our English lessons this week looking at prefixes and suffixes. 

In Science the year 2's enjoyed a Forest School session with Mrs Tickle where they planted trees and in their second lesson focused on food chains and were able to complete their own. The year 3's had two practical lessons this week. The first lesson we focused on reflection and we tested out materials to see which were the most reflective. In the second lesson we looked specifically at mirrors, and how they work.

As it has been Anti-Bullying Week, we spoke about how we can be kind and what our words can mean. We created posters and leaflets explaining the importance of being kind and how bullying can affect people. 

In Topic we learnt about how Romans live, and we used role-play to act out scenes.

Finally, we ended the week celebrating Children in Need. We enjoyed a PE session with Little Stars and Mars class where we joined in with the Joe Wicks live workout, we danced on the playground, bought cakes, filled in Pudsey's face with coins AND searched around the school to see how many Pudsey faces we could find. We had a brilliant day and thank you for all your donations đź™‚

Have a lovely weekend! 

Week commencing 8th November:

In English this week we have continued to compare the two stories by Jeremy Strong and have finished the week by planning a new ending to either The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog or My Dad's Got an Alligator! Our learning has focused on expanded noun phrases, subordinating conjunctions and sequencing key events.

In Maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of subtraction using number lines and place value charts. We ended the week by completing problem solving questions and playing a dice rolling game where the children had to roll a dice three times, add together the 3 1-digit numbers and see who made the largest number.

We created our purple poppies for our Remembrance day service on Thursday.

We enjoyed another PE session with Mrs Marriot, who told me after the lesson how impressed she is with all the children in Jupiter class!

Finally, in RE, we have looked at the miracles of Jesus with a focus on healing a blind man. We sequenced the events and thought about what a miracle is and why these were so important to Jesus.

W.B. 1st November-

This week in Maths we have been recapping addition using the column method. We used dienes to create numbers 2 and 3 digit numbers and drew a place value chart to help us remember when to exchange. We then moved onto using column method to show our working out.

In English, we have started to look at two Jeremy Strong books: The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog and My Dad's Got an Alligator. So far we have read up to Chapter 4 in each book. We started the week by predicting what might happen in each text and comparing the first chapters. We then completed some comprehension style questions to improve our retrieval and inference skills. We created freeze frames in a drama lesson to reflect the key phrases in a chapter and then used this to write down our thoughts using speech marks (pictures below). Finally, we looked at different types of sentences and tried to find exclamations and questions in a chapter before writing statements, command, exclamations and questions of our own.

In Science, we looked at our new units. Year 2 had their first lesson looking at living things and their habitats. They focused on understanding if objects were alive, dead or never living, and how they knew this. Year 3 had their first lesson looking at light and dark and they identified a range of light sources, and discussed the importance of light on Earth.

In PE we had our first gymnastics lesson with Mrs Marriot, the children worked really hard and Mrs Marriot was very impressed. Then on Friday we learnt a Diwali dance to celebrate Diwali. The children were so focused and really impressed Mrs Tickle and myself with their determination to learn the dance.

Jupiter Class W.B 11th October:

In English this week, we have started to look at diaries and the life of Boudicca. We focused on key features that we will include in our writing next week. We have also been focusing more on editing, starting the week by editing our narrative stories.

In Maths, Year 3 have continued their work on the column method for adding and subtracting 2- and 3- digit numbers. Year 2 have been using our knowledge of number bonds to work out addition and subtraction questions with a focus on 10s.

In Science, we worked in groups to create a human body filled with organs, muscles and bones.

In light of World Mental Health Day last Sunday, we have also looked at what mental health is and how we can look after ours. We spoke about mental health and physical health being equally important as each other and reminding ourselves that when we are poorly (mentally or physically) we need to rest. 

In topic this week, we have been designing our own Roman shield to create after half term, and we learnt about Roman Gods and Goddesses.  

Jupiter W.B 4th October:

In Maths this week we have started our new unit on addition and subtraction. The Year Two children have focused on number bonds to 10/20 and adding and subtracting up to 20. Year 3 have started to recap using the column method to add 2 and 3-digit numbers and subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers without regrouping. In English, we have planned and written our own stories based on a familiar setting. We have tried really hard to follow a basic structure of a story and to include expanded noun phrases and adverbs in our writing. To celebrate Black History Month, we have looked at some important black people throughout history and created information sheets about them. We talked about why it was so important to discuss the achievements of people of colour, especially those who contributed so heavily to British society. We have also looked at the different types of foods that are harvested and why this time of year is so important to Christians. In Science year 2 focused on different stages in the human life cycle, and the year 3s focused on muscles. In PE this week, we focused on our throwing and aiming skills. To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday, we also read a poem that we had practiced for homework and even read some that we had written!

Jupiter class W.B 27th September

In English this week we have carried on looking at The Detective Dog, and we focused on description. We created our own character and used expanded noun phrases and adverbs to describe them, as well as describing the familiar settings.

In Maths we have been continuing our work on place value and the year 2s were looking at their 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. Whilst the year 3s were focusing on using number lines to estimate numbers, and multiples of 50.

The year 2s enjoyed a forest session with Mrs Tickle, and the year 3s had their second French session focusing on meeting and greeting.

Finally we ended the week with our PE session. We started off outside working on our aiming skills, and then due to the typical weather we ended up inside working out to a Joe Wicks exercise and ended the day with some cosmic yoga.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend :) 

W.C 20th September:

This week in Jupiter Class has been another busy one!  We had our first Science lessons this week with Year 2 focusing on animals and their babies and Year 3 looking at types of skeletons. In Maths, we have continued to look at place value with a focus on more than, less than and equal to. In English, we started a unit of work based on the Julia Donaldson book The Detective Dog. We predicted what would happen in the book and created character descriptions before reading on. Year 3 also enjoyed their first French lesson, working on types of greetings! We also enjoyed our Forest school session with Mrs Tickle, finishing our planting project. 

W.C 13th September:

We have gone back to our usual timetable this week and in Maths we’ve been focusing on place value and look at dienes and part whole models. In English we have been looking at how we can edit our writing and what we can do to improve it, including punctuation, word classes and synonyms. In Art we finished our Roman coins as we chose realistic coin colours and painted them. We also had our first RE lesson looking at Christianity and we focused on Jesus. Finally we ended our week with a PE session focusing on our striking skills. Have a lovely weekend! :) 

W.C 6th September:

What a brilliant first full week we have had! This week we have been looking at The Secret Sky Garden, and exploring the issue of littering. We made posters to encourage people to stop littering, and did our first piece of exciting writing persuading people to stop and why it is bad. We spent some time outside where we focused on our senses and we drew what we could hear, see and smell and how it felt to be outside.

We designed and created our Roman coins, which we will be painting next week. We also had our first PE lesson where we focused on our team skills and fundamental movements.

Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd September

Well done to both year 2 and year 3 for settling back so well and being superstars! We spent the two days focusing on class rules, discussing how we spent our holidays, getting to know each other playing friend bingo and introducing our topic for this term The Romans. On Friday afternoon we designed and created our own Roman mosaics.