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Jupiter Class W.C 15th November 


In Maths this week we have started looking at money. We have recapped our understanding recognising coins and notes, finding different amounts using a different variety of coins and notes and finding the most efficient way to do this. In English we planned and wrote either our own ending to The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog, or an extra chapter in My Dad Bought an Alligator. I was very impressed with the creativity and vocabulary used in these pieces of writing! We then edited them and ended our English lessons this week looking at prefixes and suffixes. 

In Science the year 2's enjoyed a Forest School session with Mrs Tickle where they planted trees and in their second lesson focused on food chains and were able to complete their own. The year 3's had two practical lessons this week. The first lesson we focused on reflection and we tested out materials to see which were the most reflective. In the second lesson we looked specifically at mirrors, and how they work.

As it has been Anti-Bullying Week, we spoke about how we can be kind and what our words can mean. We created posters and leaflets explaining the importance of being kind and how bullying can affect people. 

In Topic we learnt about how Romans live, and we used role-play to act out scenes.

Finally, we ended the week celebrating Children in Need. We enjoyed a PE session with Little Stars and Mars class where we joined in with the Joe Wicks live workout, we danced on the playground, bought cakes, filled in Pudsey's face with coins AND searched around the school to see how many Pudsey faces we could find. We had a brilliant day and thank you for all your donations 🙂

Have a lovely weekend! 

Week commencing 8th November:

In English this week we have continued to compare the two stories by Jeremy Strong and have finished the week by planning a new ending to either The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog or My Dad's Got an Alligator! Our learning has focused on expanded noun phrases, subordinating conjunctions and sequencing key events.

In Maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of subtraction using number lines and place value charts. We ended the week by completing problem solving questions and playing a dice rolling game where the children had to roll a dice three times, add together the 3 1-digit numbers and see who made the largest number.

We created our purple poppies for our Remembrance day service on Thursday.

We enjoyed another PE session with Mrs Marriot, who told me after the lesson how impressed she is with all the children in Jupiter class!

Finally, in RE, we have looked at the miracles of Jesus with a focus on healing a blind man. We sequenced the events and thought about what a miracle is and why these were so important to Jesus.

W.B. 1st November-

This week in Maths we have been recapping addition using the column method. We used dienes to create numbers 2 and 3 digit numbers and drew a place value chart to help us remember when to exchange. We then moved onto using column method to show our working out.

In English, we have started to look at two Jeremy Strong books: The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog and My Dad's Got an Alligator. So far we have read up to Chapter 4 in each book. We started the week by predicting what might happen in each text and comparing the first chapters. We then completed some comprehension style questions to improve our retrieval and inference skills. We created freeze frames in a drama lesson to reflect the key phrases in a chapter and then used this to write down our thoughts using speech marks (pictures below). Finally, we looked at different types of sentences and tried to find exclamations and questions in a chapter before writing statements, command, exclamations and questions of our own.

In Science, we looked at our new units. Year 2 had their first lesson looking at living things and their habitats. They focused on understanding if objects were alive, dead or never living, and how they knew this. Year 3 had their first lesson looking at light and dark and they identified a range of light sources, and discussed the importance of light on Earth.

In PE we had our first gymnastics lesson with Mrs Marriot, the children worked really hard and Mrs Marriot was very impressed. Then on Friday we learnt a Diwali dance to celebrate Diwali. The children were so focused and really impressed Mrs Tickle and myself with their determination to learn the dance.

Jupiter Class W.B 11th October:

In English this week, we have started to look at diaries and the life of Boudicca. We focused on key features that we will include in our writing next week. We have also been focusing more on editing, starting the week by editing our narrative stories.

In Maths, Year 3 have continued their work on the column method for adding and subtracting 2- and 3- digit numbers. Year 2 have been using our knowledge of number bonds to work out addition and subtraction questions with a focus on 10s.

In Science, we worked in groups to create a human body filled with organs, muscles and bones.

In light of World Mental Health Day last Sunday, we have also looked at what mental health is and how we can look after ours. We spoke about mental health and physical health being equally important as each other and reminding ourselves that when we are poorly (mentally or physically) we need to rest. 

In topic this week, we have been designing our own Roman shield to create after half term, and we learnt about Roman Gods and Goddesses.  

Jupiter W.B 4th October:

In Maths this week we have started our new unit on addition and subtraction. The Year Two children have focused on number bonds to 10/20 and adding and subtracting up to 20. Year 3 have started to recap using the column method to add 2 and 3-digit numbers and subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers without regrouping. In English, we have planned and written our own stories based on a familiar setting. We have tried really hard to follow a basic structure of a story and to include expanded noun phrases and adverbs in our writing. To celebrate Black History Month, we have looked at some important black people throughout history and created information sheets about them. We talked about why it was so important to discuss the achievements of people of colour, especially those who contributed so heavily to British society. We have also looked at the different types of foods that are harvested and why this time of year is so important to Christians. In Science year 2 focused on different stages in the human life cycle, and the year 3s focused on muscles. In PE this week, we focused on our throwing and aiming skills. To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday, we also read a poem that we had practiced for homework and even read some that we had written!

Jupiter class W.B 27th September

In English this week we have carried on looking at The Detective Dog, and we focused on description. We created our own character and used expanded noun phrases and adverbs to describe them, as well as describing the familiar settings.

In Maths we have been continuing our work on place value and the year 2s were looking at their 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. Whilst the year 3s were focusing on using number lines to estimate numbers, and multiples of 50.

The year 2s enjoyed a forest session with Mrs Tickle, and the year 3s had their second French session focusing on meeting and greeting.

Finally we ended the week with our PE session. We started off outside working on our aiming skills, and then due to the typical weather we ended up inside working out to a Joe Wicks exercise and ended the day with some cosmic yoga.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend :) 

W.C 20th September:

This week in Jupiter Class has been another busy one!  We had our first Science lessons this week with Year 2 focusing on animals and their babies and Year 3 looking at types of skeletons. In Maths, we have continued to look at place value with a focus on more than, less than and equal to. In English, we started a unit of work based on the Julia Donaldson book The Detective Dog. We predicted what would happen in the book and created character descriptions before reading on. Year 3 also enjoyed their first French lesson, working on types of greetings! We also enjoyed our Forest school session with Mrs Tickle, finishing our planting project. 

W.C 13th September:

We have gone back to our usual timetable this week and in Maths we’ve been focusing on place value and look at dienes and part whole models. In English we have been looking at how we can edit our writing and what we can do to improve it, including punctuation, word classes and synonyms. In Art we finished our Roman coins as we chose realistic coin colours and painted them. We also had our first RE lesson looking at Christianity and we focused on Jesus. Finally we ended our week with a PE session focusing on our striking skills. Have a lovely weekend! :) 

W.C 6th September:

What a brilliant first full week we have had! This week we have been looking at The Secret Sky Garden, and exploring the issue of littering. We made posters to encourage people to stop littering, and did our first piece of exciting writing persuading people to stop and why it is bad. We spent some time outside where we focused on our senses and we drew what we could hear, see and smell and how it felt to be outside.

We designed and created our Roman coins, which we will be painting next week. We also had our first PE lesson where we focused on our team skills and fundamental movements.

Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd September

Well done to both year 2 and year 3 for settling back so well and being superstars! We spent the two days focusing on class rules, discussing how we spent our holidays, getting to know each other playing friend bingo and introducing our topic for this term The Romans. On Friday afternoon we designed and created our own Roman mosaics.